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Talks from Marlow Meetings 2019

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Marlow Sunday meetings this year. Click on the title to Listen Now, or to Download for later.

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Graham Watts Creation, the Environment and our place in it
Graham Watts     16 June
Rev Graham Watts considers the causes of environmental damage and what the resulting actions of the Church should / could be. Recorded at the Love Marlow / Churches Together Service in Higginson Park. Includes an interview with Emma Hawkins about the Marlow Wombles.
Andy Read 2019 John the Seer - A Revelation of Jesus
Andy Read     09 June
Andy picks a way through the poetic and symbolic language of the Book of Revelation, identifying the three themes of persecution, perseverance and perspective.
Jonny Ruffell John the Beloved
Jonny Ruffell    02 June
Jonny explains how John was transformed by God's love. It’s also true for us today that the knowledge of that love can bring freedom from any kind of bondage.
Andrei Four Images of The Church
Andrei Blinkov     26 May
Guest speaker Andrei, the pastor from Moscow with whom River first connected in 2004, talks about four aspects of the Church - it is (we are) the house of God, it's the Temple of God, it's a Body, and will be the Bride of Christ.
Colin People of God 23 - John: from Thunderer to Beloved
Colin Barnes     19 May
John started off wanting to be more special than others, and to bring judgment - but eventually realised that everyone could be special in God's eyes. Will we be people who always show love, or do we tend to act as "sons of thunder"?
Anthea Wratten People of God 22 - Peter: The Jew Who Welcomed Gentiles
Anthea Wratten     12 May
Anthea takes our final look at Peter in the current series, leaving us with three challenges: who are our 'gentiles'; what is our 'swerve to rot'; and in what areas do we need God's revelation in our lives?
Al 2015 People of God 21 - Peter: from Fisherman to Fisher of Men
Alistair Bullen     05 May
Al encourages us to become life-catchers, to identify what our individual story is and learn to share it succinctly.
Colin Justice, Freedom and Love     Slides
Colin Barnes     21 April
In this Easter message Colin explains how Jesus' death and resurrection has brought justice, freedom and love.
Graham Watts Believe, Become and Behave
Graham Watts     14 April
Speaking from Luke's account of what we call Palm Sunday, Graham challenges us not just to believe in Jesus the King but also to become like Him and behave like Him.
Nigel Stock People of God 20 - Peter: Faith at the Crossroads     Slides
Nigel Stock     07 April
Nigel focuses on Peter in the period between Gethsemane and Jesus cooking breakfast for the disciples on the beach , and explains the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. Does our worldview need to change? Do we need to have a 'reconciling conversation' with Jesus? Or do we need to hear his call again and re-position ourselves to receive from Him.
Paul Wratten People of God 19 - Mary Magdelene: Apostle to the Apostles     Slides     Video
Paul Wratten     31 March
Paul explains Mary Magdalene's central role in the accounts of the Resurrection, You might think she was the least likely person to announce the Good News first, and therefore to launch 2,000 years of Christian witness, but in fact she was one of the most devoted and brave of the disciples (both male and female) and consequently a role model for us today.
Colin People of God 18 - Mary, Mother of Jesus: Belief in Action     Slides
Colin Barnes     24 March
Mary treasured what God spoke to her through Gabriel despite having also to embrace the promise and reality of future painful times in her life. Let's live out of the moments when God speaks to us rather than from pain and doubt.
Andrew Southwood People of God 17 - Daniel     Video
Andrew Southwood     17 March
Andrew draws a key challenge from the story of Daniel: if we describe someone as our enemy, this may say more about our attitude and hang-ups than anything they've done.
Alison Hopkinson People of God 16 - Hosea: The Ultimate Love Story     Slides     Video
Alison Hopkinson     10 March
Ali unpacks the book of Hosea, which at its heart reveals that God wants a deep personal relationship with us - whatever we've done, He loves each of us like there's no tomorrow.
Anthea Wratten People of God 15 - Esther: For Such A Time     Slides     Video 1     Video 2
Anthea Wratten     03 March
Anthea questions whether the Book of Esther is a 'princess' story in which God installed a Jewess as Queen so that His people could be saved; perhaps it would be more accurate to consider it an account of egos, hatred, violence, and good & bad influence. This book doesn't even mention God - so what are its lessons for us today?
Colin Jonah - An Old Testament Parable     Slides
Colin Barnes     24 February
Colin presents Jonah as a parable and a tale of the unexpected which challenges our assumptions.
Al 2015 People of God 14 - David: Power and Purpose     Slides
Alistair Bullen     17 February
Al draws several themes from David's time as King and applies them to our lives today. This deeply flawed man brought purpose to his own life and to the Nation, and radiated power. But at the same time he showed humility and utter passion in serving God, even when it made him look silly.
Laurence Singlehurst How to Communicate the Good News in 2019
Laurence Singlehurst     10 February
How can we ensure the Gospel is communicated to today's society in a language that can be more easily understood? The "Billy Graham" style message of the 50's just doesn't work in 2019. Speaking from Colossians 2, guest speaker Laurence Singlehurst outlines the issues and gives some suggestions on how we might be smarter in our approach.
Ceri Davies People of God 13 - David: A Promise Challenged     Slides
Ceri Davies     03 February
How do we respond when waiting for God to move? Let's learn from David; who rather than letting pride and fear rule him said in Psalm 27 “Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Don’t give up; don’t be impatient; Be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting—for He will never disappoint you!”
Colin - Pyrenees People of God 12 - David: A Promise Given     Slides
Colin Barnes     27 January
Colin teaches from David's early life: it's a fantastic story, with big themes including how God works with normal people to achieve His purposes. Some key lessons are that we’re all anointed, empowered, watched over for good and we can all prophesy.
Andy Read People of God 11 - Ruth: Grace & Redemption     Slides
Andy Read     20 January
Andy looks at Grace and Redemption as demonstrated in the book of Ruth. These themes appear in the human story involving Ruth, Naomi and Boaz, in the parallel bigger story of Jesus' birth and death, and we're left with the challenge of showing kindness to each other and to the marginalised.
Anthea Wratten
Paul Wratten
New Year Message 2019
Paul & Anthea Wratten     6 January
Anthea and Paul share some of their thoughts and hopes for 2019 for the congregation. The Marlow team's vision is that we should be an authentic, passionate, praying community of Jesus followers who are impacting our area with God's love; not to be 'reclining' but rather being radical, intentional and focused, with prayer weaving through everything, and as a result to thrive and grow.