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Talks From Marlow Meetings July 09 - July 11

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Forgetting & Remembering     Listen     Download


Helen reminds us that God can use all of our past experiences and memories, no matter how joyful or painful, for good.

Helen DaviesHelen Davies

31 Jul 11

Citizenship     Listen     Download
John talks about what it means to be a citizen of the kingdom of heaven.


Holy holy holy - worship song with scripture     Listen     Download

John Richards
John Richards
24 Jul 11

Abigail's story     Listen     Download     More about Abigail


Finding God's peace, hope and understanding in the midst of suffering. Martin, guest speaker from Ichthus Chiselhurst, tells us the story of Abby, the daughter  of two of his close friends.

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Martin HallMartin Hall

17 Jul 11

The Perspective of Eternity     Listen     Download


Christen speaks from Ephesians 4 and reminds us about what a difference it makes to have the perspective of eternity.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

03 Jul 11

Hidden in Him     Listen     Download     Jacko photo


Al speaks from Colossians 3 about us what it means to be hidden with Christ in God, and says a bit about what he's up to with Anglicans in York(!)

Al BullenAl Bullen

19 Jun 11

Knowing and Pursuing God's Love     Listen     Download


Dave goes back to basics in bringing a passionate message about seeking a deeper understanding of God's love

Dave JonesDave Jones

29 May 11

Pleading the blood of Jesus     Listen     Download


Helen reminds us about the significance of blood of Jesus, and what the term 'pleading the blood' means.

Helen DaviesHelen Davies

22 May 11
Drink deeply from the River     Listen     Download
Jeff exhorts us to get ready for what God is going to do in the UK in a new revival. Are you thirsty? Go to Jesus and drink the living water from the Source!.
Jeff Jansen
Jeff Jansen
15 May 11

He is risen     Listen     Download


Helen brings an Easter message with a focus on the Resurrection.

Helen DaviesHelen Davies

24 Apr 11

How I love Your law     Listen     Download     View slides


Nigel talks about delighting in the law of God as he picks up again our theme of GOLD and particularly God's goodness.

Nigel RiversNigel

17 Apr 11

Our identity in God     Listen     Download     DNA video clip


Speaking from Luke 4, Andy reminds us that we are still in "the year of the Lord's favour", and of what this means for us. After all, we do have God's DNA in us!

Andy ReadAndy Read

10 Apr 11

It's time to break out     Listen     Download


Speaking from the story of Moses and the Exodus, Colin brings a word about breakthrough and breakout.

Colin BarnesColin Barnes

03 Apr 11 

Bringing freedom     Listen     Download     View slides


Al brings a powerful word about rediscovering a compassion for people who don't know the freedom God has won for us, and acting on that compassion to make a practical difference.

Al BullenAl Bullen

27 Mar 11

Kindle afresh the gift of God     Listen     Download


Speaking at the special meeting in the Marlow Youth Centre, Colin speaks from 2 Timothy 1 about God's desire to 'mend broken things', and looks forward to what our impact in the community will have become in a year's time.

Colin Barnes

Colin Barnes

06 Mar 11 

A Reputation for Power     Listen     Download     Watch 'Furious Love' clip on YouTube


Dave speaks passionately about how he longs to see the Church restoring a reputation for moving in the power of God.

Dave JonesDave Jones

27 Feb 11

Highways, Hedges, Presence and Glory     Listen     Download


Christen speaks from Luke 14 and Zechariah 2 about the presence of God impacting Marlow (and, as is his custom, about a few other things too!)

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

13 Feb 11

Love and Choice     Listen     Download     View slides


In this enlightening talk Andy considers the extent to which God is as 'unchanging' as we are sometimes led to believe. (This talk relates to the O of G.O.L.D)

Andy ReadAndy small

06 Feb 11

Filled with the fullness of God     Listen     Download


Vicky speaks from Colossians 2 about a church that is filled with the fullness of God, and encourages us as a congregation to move into this truth.

Vicky EarllVicky Earll

30 Jan 11

Living off today's manna     Listen     Download


Speaking from Exodus 16 Keith encourages us to seek new things from God on a daily basis, rather than being tempted just to live off the goodness of the past.

Keith GrafhamKeith Grafham

23 Jan 11

Bringing healing to Marlow     Listen     Download


Helen gives food for thought about how we might positively influence some of the spiritual aspects of our town

Helen DaviesHelen Davies

09 Jan 11

What God is saying for 2011     Listen     Download


Christen shares what he believes God is leading us into this year, with an emphasis on the prophetic.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

02 Jan 11

Shaping the future     Listen     Download


Colin speaks about prophecy and what it means to be prophetic, and asks us as a congregation "what do you see?". He challenges us to take seriously our responsibility to speak out.


Church members - if you are logged in you can also listen to the prophetic words spoken out in response to his talk here:     Listen     Download

Colin BarnesColin Barnes

12 Dec 10

Finding our voice (6)     Listen     Download     View slides


Geoff continues the current theme with a look at speaking to our community using Creativity

Geoff WilsonGeoff Wilson

28 Nov 10

Finding Our voice (5)     Listen     Download     View slides


Pete uses the example of Daniel as he continues our current theme.

Pete DaviesPete Davies

21 Nov 10

No More Excuses     Listen     Download


Continuing the 'Finding our voice' theme Terry challenges us each to be bold and take a fresh step forward in speaking to others about God


Olympics 2012 video (opens in new window)

Terry MurphyTerry Murphy

14 Nov 10

Walk every step with the dove in mind     Listen     Download     Video clip


Dave speaks about getting to know the Holy Spirit.


In the middle of the talk at the point indicated you should pause playback, watch the video clip, and then resume listening.

Dave JonesDave Jones

07 Nov 10

Living free of Religion     Listen     Download


The Church has a tendency to legalism, and it can affect us too - so it's important that we recognise this so we can keep up our guard. Christen speaks from Hebrews 4.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

31 Oct 10

Finding our voice (4)     Listen     Download


Andy continues our current theme with "Finding a new - and rediscovering an old - voice".

Andy ReadAndy Read

17 Oct 10

Finding our voice (3)     Listen     Download     Slides


Andrew brings another perspective on how we can find our voice, using the example of Peter & John healing the man outside the temple at the Beautiful Gate.

Andrew Rackstraw

10 Oct 10

A call to adventure     Listen     Download


Colin, speaking from Matthew 19, brings an empassioned word about discovering (or for some re-engaging with) the adventure that God has for us.

Colin BarnesColin Barnes

03 Oct 10

Fighting the good fight     Listen     Download


Ted (a guest speaker from Wycombe House Church, part of River's wider 'Openhouse' group) draws on his personal experiences on the theme of getting back on your feet after being knocked down.

Ted PikerTed Piker

19 Sep 10

Finding our voice (2)     Listen     Download


Vicky brings a message on how we can find a fresh voice for our town, and also speaks from her experience leading the Journey congregation on how to reach out to students.

Vicky EarllVicky Earll

12 Sep 10

Finding our voice     Listen     Download


Helen introduces this topic which will be the teaching theme for the next couple of months in Marlow

Helen DaviesHelen Davies

 05 Sep 10

The voice of love in action     Listen     Download


Helen explains how Jesus demonstrated in everything He did what real love is about.

Helen DaviesHelen Davies

29 Aug 10

Links International Malawi Trip 2010

Seed for the sower     Listen     Download


Andy & Lina talk about their recent trip to Malawi with the charity Links International, of which Lina is a trustee, and bring a challenge for each of us to discover the work that God has for us to do - and to do it - and to be grateful for everything He has given (click on the image to watch the video).

Andy & Lina ReadAndy and Lina Read

08 Aug 10

Thankfulness     Listen     Download


Judith speaks about being thankful to God both in good times and bad, using the story from Luke 17 of the 10 lepers who were healed, of whom just one returned to express thankfulness.

Judith ForsterJudith Forster

25 Jul 10
The Father's Heart     Listen     Download
Speaking from Ephesians 3, Colin outlines some of the things that are on God's heart for us
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
18 Jul 10

You're a VVIP!     Listen     Download


Les B, who has had a somewhat checkered life, gives his testimony of finding Jesus and then another John Richards (ie not ours!), recently retired as Pastor at the Lane End Elim, brings a Word.


Les B
Jon RichardsJohn Richards

11 Jul 10

Seated to stand     Listen     Download     View slides


Speaking from Ephesians, Andy explains that if we are going to win the battles that come our way - to be successful in taking a stand - we must know we are seated in the right place.

Andy ReadAndy Read

04 Jul 10
Hope     Listen     Download
Speaking at 'Hope in the Park' in Marlow, a joint churches event in Higginson Park, Steve (General Director of the Evangelical Alliance) brings a great message about Hope.
Steve Clifford
Steve Clifford
20 Jun 10

You've already got it!     Listen     Download


Sue brings a powerful message about exercising faith and acting on the Word, and recounts several exciting instances of God moving in power to heal.

Sue ExelbySue Exelby

13 Jun 10

Faith     Listen     Download


Christen speaks from Hebrews 11 about faith - "what is seen was not made out of what was visible".

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

06 Jun 10

Waiting well     Listen     Download


Linda uses the example of Zacharias and Elizabeth in Luke 1 as she explains there is a good and a bad way to wait for God to move in a situation.

Linda SouthwoodLinda Southwood

30 May 10

Hope     Listen     Download     View slides


Pete shares about his recent personal journey through which he's come to understand much more about the power and importance of Hope.


The "Outrageous Grace" song written by Godfrey Birtill which was played at the end of the talk can be watched on youtube here (albeit not sung by Godfrey himself).

Pete DaviesPete Davies

23 May 10
Shine!     Listen     Download     View slides
Speaking from Luke 1 and 1 Samuel 1, Dave brings a powerful word to the congregation about shining in the darkness of our area, and anoints the intercessors.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones
16 May 10

What will you do with the privilege you have?     Listen     Download     View slides


Watch 'Island Flame' video (River members only)


Julian and Annie speak about their year in Mozambique working with the Koti peple  - about the people, places and projects they were involved with - and lay down a clear challenge for us.

Julian & Annie BullenJulian and Annie Bullen

09 May 10

Authentic optimism     Listen     Download     View accompanying slides


Perrianne and her husband Paul are leaders of the Abbey Church in Azle (near Fortworth) Texas, and good friends of Andy and Lina. Perianne brings a message which contrasts authentic / goldy optimism with forced hope.

 Perrianne and Paul Brownback

Paul  Perrianne Brownback02 May 10

Touching the World with God's Light     Listen     Download


Al reminds us that we carry God's light, and as a result that we can (and should look to) make a big difference to the world around us

Al BullenAl Bullen

18 Apr 10

Worship     Listen     Download


Helen speaks about the importance of meeting together in corporate worship, and how we all have a part to play in it

Helen DaviesHelen Davies

11 Apr 10

We're an Easter people     Listen     Download    


Andy reminds us that Easter is what defines us; God is a lover not a lawyer, a liberator not a litigator, and the power of His love has overcome death for us.  View accompanying slides

Andy ReadAndy Read

04 Apr 10

Peace     Listen     Download


Grant, a student at Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry and part of the team currently visiting River, speaks on the Peace of God which each of us can know in our lives


Grant CainGrant Cain

21 Mar 10

Let's go for it - together     Listen     Download


In this Mothers Day message Helen takes the example of the TV show "extreme makeover - home edition" to encourage us to go for goals together as a Christian family in Marlow

Helen DaviesHelen Davies

14 Mar 10

The Tide's Turning      Listen     Download


Christen covers a selection of topics in this talk including feedback from the Pioneer Leaders' conference held over the last few days and picking up some of the threads from his talk in Marlow of 4 weeks ago. Like a box of chocolates, take a pick from the selection!

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

 07 Mar 10

Philippians part 2     Listen     Download


Judith finishes our mini-series on Philippians by covering chapters 3 & 4. Press on to the goal!

Judith ForsterJudith Forster

 21 Feb 10

Being not doing     Listen     Download


In a wide-ranging talk Christen stresses the importance of being who God wants us to be rather than doing what He wants us to do.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

07 Feb 10

He loves you because He loves you because...     Listen     Download


Nathan urges us to pursue vigourously our relationship with the God who loves us so much, and who has done so much for us in Jesus.

Nathan CantellNathan Cantell

31 Jan 10

Philippians part 1     Listen     Download


Judith delivers a great talk, the first of a short series on Philippians.

Judith ForsterJudith Forster

24 Jan 10

Safe and Dangerous     Listen     Download


Helen explains that God wants us to be safe, to be a safe place for others, and yet to be dangerous too . . . you'll have to listen! (Sorry, the first few mins of the talk are missing)

Helen DaviesHelen Davies

17 Jan 10
Jealous for you     Listen     Download
Vicky encourages us to be single-minded this year in 'going for God' - to be as passionate for a better relationship with Him as He is for a better one with us.
Vicky Earll
Vicky Earll
03 Jan 10

Immanuel     Listen     Download     View slides


Andrew speaks on God being not just with us but in us - so that we can be the 'Hope of Glory' to everyone we meet.

Andrew RackstrawAndrew Rackstraw

13 Dec 09

Drawing out the gold     Listen     Download


Using the example of Peter, Judith explains how God wants to take each of us on a journey to become what He wants us to be, and encourages us to open ourselves to let Him draw out the gold He has put within

Judith ForsterJudith Forster

06 Dec 09

Eternity     Listen     Download


Helen asks: what eternally significant goal are you striving for? Is there anything hindering your progress that could be laid aside?

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
29 Nov 09
God's secret plan     Listen     Download     Accompanying slides
Geoff explains Paul's revelation as stated in Ephesians - that the culmination of God's plan wasn't Jesus' resurrection but what it meant for the whole world - that He wants everyone (whether currently part of the church or not) to be involved with Him.
Geoff Wilson
Geoff Wilson
08 Nov 09

Arise, Shine     Listen     Download


Vicky reaffirms that we can have confidence that we are the answer for the needs of our town and nation because as the church we already represent the fullness of Jesus, and His glory has already shone on us.

Vicky EarllVicky Earll

01 Nov 09

Sow where you want to go     Listen    Download


Andy brings the challenge that if we truly want to see God at work in our lives both individually and as a church, we need to be serious about investing our time and resources into achieving this objective

Andy ReadAndy Read

18 Oct 09 
Going up to the high places     Listen     Download
Colin brings a powerful word to the congregation about going up to the high places, shouting from them, and tearing down idols.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
11 Oct 09
It's time for prayer walking     Listen     Download
Helen speaks about prayer walking, and why now is the right time to do it in Marlow.
Helen Davies
Helen Davies
04 Oct 09
Walking in your destiny     Listen     Download
Speaking from the book of Esther Terry talks about how we can walk in the destiny that God has for us.  (See also the accompanying slides)
Terry Murphy
Terry Murphy
27 Sep 09
The woman at the well     Listen     Download
Al Bullen speaks from John 4 by applying the story of the Woman at the Well to our situation today. Highly recommended (apologies that the very start of the message is missing).
Al Bullen
Al Bullen
20 Sep 09
God doesn't need your money. . .      Listen     Download     **Watch on RiverTV**
. . . but He does want you to give. Christen explains how we can overcome the natural human response to money and possessions and recounts some of his own journey in this area.
Christen Forster
Christen Forster
06 Sep 09
Standing in the gap     Listen     Download
Jan brings an encouraging and positive message about intercession.  We are called to take up our place as priests to stand in the gap for the world; to learn what is in God's heart for our town and for the people we know; to take authority by 'praying in' kingdom values and behaviours to the world around us.
Jan Vickers
Jan Vickers
30 Aug 09
Thailand Mission update     Listen     Download
Andy and Val give an update on their work in Thailand, the progress of their 'Glowing Life' foundation including plans to build a home for boys.

You may also wish to view the slideshow
Andy & Val Simcock   23 Aug 09
Andy  Val Simcock
Turning to face the Grace-giver     Listen     Download
Judith speaks about the challenge of grace using the example of Jonathan's son Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 9.
 Judith Forster
Judith Forster
26 Jul 09
Panning for Gold     Listen     Download
Stephen challenges us to look for the gold in people's lives, just as God seeks out the positive in us.
Al's talk on Grace wasn't recorded due to the need to keep confidences. However you can listen again to the U2 song "Grace" here:
Stephen Klemich
Stephen Klemich
19 Jul 09
Chosen of God     Listen     Download
Colin finishes the talk from his last visit to Marlow in Feb! We are a chosen people not because God has selected just us to be saved whilst 'discarding' everyone else.  *Everyone* in the world has been chosen by God for salvation.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
05 Jul 09