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Let's Pray

Prayer is fundamental to all we do at River Church Marlow.

We believe we have been created to pray, and that prayer is the 'boiler room' of our journey with Jesus. Because of what Jesus has done we can all pray, in whatever way works for us, whenever we like. Prayer is our natural response to a God who loves us so much. We can all pray, whether alone in private, in ones and twos, in groups, or all together in public. 
We believe that prayer comforts, challenges, heals and transforms our world and those in it. First and foremost we believe it transforms us, helping us to be more and more like Jesus.

River is a praying church, so do get involved in prayer wherever you can, or get together to pray with some friends and see what God does.

Prayer Wall - post your prayer requests here ...

... and we will be delighted to pray for you. NB is a public space please keep requests confidential by using initials instead of names, and not writing anything you wouldn't want to be shared publicly.


Next Five Prayer Meetings for everyone:

Marlow morning prayer
7:30am Thursday 30 June, Zoom meeting
Marlow morning prayer
7:30am Friday 1 July, Zoom meeting
Marlow morning prayer
7:30am Monday 4 July, Zoom meeting
Marlow morning prayer
7:30am Tuesday 5 July, Zoom meeting
Marlow morning prayer
7:30am Wednesday 6 July, Zoom meeting
Paul Wratten, 20/09/2014