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Welcome to Edge!

The group for secondary school age children and other young adults is called EDGE. All across the UK God is raising up a generation of young people who, in a culture often defined by compromise and uncertainty, are choosing to go all out for Jesus. Defined by love, and marked with a desperation for more of God, we believe our young adults will revolutionise society.

Edge is a community that seeks to nurture and disciple our young people by offering them a base of teaching, worship, God encounters and friendships on which they can confidently explore and grow. Together with them we want to build a culture where the presence of God is highly honoured. 

Edge meets during Sunday morning gatherings at around 11.15am, although sometimes they stay with the adults if there's a message we all need to hear together. They will also always take part in Communion, which we do as a whole Church family. Edge also meets during the week with the opportunity to have fun and develop friendships. 
If you’re in secondary school and interested in exploring your spiritual journey, or joining a community of young people who love God, then we invite you to join us at our youth events or gatherings.

For more information please contact Anthea Wratten.

Paul Wratten, 20/09/2011