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Marlow Talks 2004-2006

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Mega Joy
Andy brings good news of the mega-joy which is available to all of us!
Andy Read 24 Dec 06
Living a Life of Love
Stacey speaks from Ephesians 4:17 -6:9 :  because of all that God has done for us, we are free to live in a new way. This affects how we live and work together - in our marriages, our families and our jobs
Stacey Cook 26 Nov 06

God's pièce de résistance

Tom speaks from Ephesians 2 about the pinnacle of God's creation.

Tom Curtis 19 Nov 06

The Grace of Giving

Giving Sunday - Andy speaks from 2 Cor 8 & 9 about the grace we can know through giving.

Andy Read 12 Nov 06

The Giving Prayer


Lord, you are GOOD and your loving kindness endures forever
Thank you Lord that you bless us with every spiritual blessing in Christ
Thank you that you cause showers of blessing to come down
Blessing, honour and riches belong to you, and flow from your throne
We believe that you will supply all our need,
according to your riches in glory

We present ourselves today as a living sacrifice
Not because there is any lack in you, but because we need you
In our lack we choose to abound in riches of generosity towards you
We choose to sow generously and we trust you for a generous harvest
So that we will always have ALL sufficiency in ALL things,
an ABUNDANCE for all good works

Where we have need, we ask you to supply
Where we are empty we ask you to fill us
Where you have blessed us, we choose to bless others
For the sake of your Kingdom


Pick up again your inheritance and giftings

Speaking from Ephesians 3 & 4, Chris encourages us to pick up again the inheritances we have been given by God, both individually and corporately, and to reach out again to grow in our gifting and ministries.

Chris Forster 22 Oct 06

'Micah Challenge' Sunday

  1. The Micah Challenge video
  2. About the Micah Challenge (pdf document)
  3. Anthea describes some practical ways in which we can respond to the Micah Challenge
  4. Linda describes a recent injustice that was fought by the Asha organisation in Delhi
  5. Al talks about his involvement with the 'Stop the Traffik' campaign and how its 'key' symbol came about
    (Click HERE to view the STT video)
  6. Andy Read rounds off the morning with some final thoughts






Anthea Wratten


Linda Southwood


Al Bullen


Andy Read

15 Oct 06

Micah Challenge
Open mic / Sharing sunday
Be encouraged by some brilliant testimonies of how God has been moving in our lives
various 24 Sep 06

Ephesians: Part 2 - God the Architect
(Apologies, Part 1 wasnt recorded successfully last week)


Also: Marlow small groups Autumn '06: Most of the small groups due to run from Oct-Dec 06 are described. Which of them takes your fancy?

Andy Read 17 Sep 06


Si reminds us why baptism is so important and beneficial.

Si Sworn 23 Jul 06

Righteousness and Fruitfulness

Judith speaks from Ps 92 v12-15 and encourages us to pursue a life that is ever more fruitful for God - even if we are feeling old!

Judith Forster 16 Jul 06

The Great Commission - Get in training

Vicky discusses some of the barriers we might perceive which prevent us from carrying out the Great Commission in our own lives, and encourages us to rise above them, with God at our side.


Also - praying for Chris Maher before his return to Papua New Guinea

Vicky Earll 9 Jul 06
Authority To Go

Colin Barnes

25 Jun 06

Fathers' Day

Recording of most of the meeting, excluding the musical bits. Includes sons talking about their dads and a brief talk by Andy Read. Also Linda explains more about the Church Development Survey being run next week.

various 18 Jun 06

The Home of God

Click HERE for the associated slides (pdf format)

Al Bullen 28 May 06

The Authority of Jesus (part 2 of 'Intimacy & Involvement' mini-series


Interview with and praying for Jonny Keys

(Interview with and praying for Bryan and Silvia - available on request from Tim Nelson)

Andy Read 21 May 06

Intimacy & Involvement (main talk)


Some great testimonies

Prayer for / update on Diana Maher

Judith Forster 14 May 06

Signs & Symbols

Mackenzie Bangerter's dedication

Andy Read 30 Apr 06
The Church in Acts: Acts 11.18-30, 13.1-3. Eight characteristics of the Church in Antioch Andy Read 9 Apr 06
Mothers' day: 3 Marlow ladies - Abi, Sally and Jill - share about being a mother, and Andy brings some related thoughts. various 26 Mar 06
Testimonies from the Redding trip various 19 Mar 06
"I have given you overcome" Michael encourages us to act with the authority that we have been given Michael Kolisang 12 Mar 06
The Church in Acts: Acts 3:1-10. "What I have I give you" Andy Read 19 Feb 06
The Church in Acts: Acts 6:1-4. Continuing our series from the early chapters of Acts. "We will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word." Chris Forster 12 Feb  06
The Church in Acts: Acts 2:42-47. Continuing our series from the early chapters of Acts. Andy Read 22 Jan 06
The Church in Acts: Acts 2-4. Andy starts to 'unpack' Acts in the first of a new teaching series. Andy Read 15 Jan 06
Moses and the Burning Bush. SundayAM meeting. Andy challenges us to use what God has given us. Andy Read 11 Dec 05
Healing of the paralysed man at the Bethesda Pool Chris Forster 30 Oct 05
Where do you fit in God's big picture? Nigel Stock 23 Oct 05
Be Transformed Chris Forster 09 Oct 05 
Demolishing Strongholds Colin Barnes  25 Sep 05 
The Armour of God & Spiritual Warfare Colin Barnes 28 Aug 05 
Working with street kids in South Africa Guest  17 Jul 05 
It's Friday, but Sunday's coming! Andy Read  10 Jul 05 

God's Continuous Story

God's story is told throughout history, but what does that mean for us? Have you got a good story to tell? Does your whole life display that there is a real sense of meaning behind it?

Chris Forster  13 Mar 05 

Introducing the new Marlow Neighbourhood Groups

Nigel talks about these new groups, and explains how they will fit with the current small groups

Nigel Stock  30 Jan 05 

Church Growth is not about Numbers!

Whilst as a church we are seeing growth numerically and planning for this to continue, "success" is much more about God transforming all of us and for us to experience him more in our own lives. 

Chris Forster  09 Jan 05 

Ambassadors of Jesus

Get excited with Colin about what God is doing amongst us, and catch a fresh vision of what he wants to do through YOU!

Colin Barnes


28 Nov 04


Blessed to be a Blessing

Follow on talk from "Wells of Blessing

Andy Read

21 Nov 04

The Suffering Church

Andrew brings some personal testimony

(accessible only if you are logged in) 

Andrew Rackstraw


14 Nov 04


Wells of Blessing

(Actually this audio file is of Andy giving a very similar talk at Maidenhead a few weeks later) 

Andy Read


17 Oct 04


"How I got here"

Chris gives a resume of his journey from troublesome teenager to the main leader of River, via being healed from cancer. 

Chris Forster

15 Jan 04