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Talks from Marlow Meetings 2016

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Marlow Sunday meetings this year.

Previous years' talks are also available:    2004-06    2007-08    2008-09    2009-11    2011-13    2014    2015

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Advent - waiting for and hoping on Jesus     Listen     Download     Slides
Tom uses the example of Nicodemus to reflect on how we can respond to Jesus.
Tom Button
Tom Button
14 Dec 16
Amazing Faith 7 - The Journey of Faith     Listen     Download
Guest speaker Jeannine speaks about her own journey of growing in faith, and reflects on faith being the intersection of hope and expectation. 
Jeannine Rodriguez
Jeannine Rodriguez
04 Dec 16
Amazing Faith 6 - Showing God's Kindness     Listen     Download
In a searingly honest, riveting and inspiring talk Baz and Linda Gacoyne, leaders of the Eccles church in Sheffield (member of the Pioneer network), share how God has worked through them to touch the lives of people who wouldn't come anywhere near a traditional church.     Video1     Video2

NB Access to this talk requires website login due to the personal nature of some of the content. 
Baz & Linda Gascoyne
27 Nov 16
Baz  Linda Gascoyne
What Is the Gospel? Part 3 - Good News for Today     Listen     Download
In the final part of this series Colin asks us to consider the cross where we see the Father, Son & Spirit working together to clean up our mess, free us from sin, deliver us from death and draw us back to Himself. As a result we can walk in love and be filled with hope.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
06 Nov 16
What Is the Gospel? Part 2 - The Faithfulness of God     Listen     Download
Colin summarises the good news in 4 statements: God is good; He is for us; He is involved; and He is faithful to His promises to bless the whole world.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
30 Oct 16
What is the Gospel? Part 1 - Fifty Shades of Grace     Listen     Download     Slides
In part 1 of this 3 part mini-series Colin explains how the traditional gospel message is too black and white, and misses out so much, so can give the wrong impression.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
23 Oct 16
Amazing Faith 5 - Talking Jesus     Listen     Download
Laurence calls for a change in the way we 'do' evangelism; we should adapt our language, along with our tone, and a new approach and rhythm to evangelism are also needed.

Laurence Singlehurst
Laurence Singlehurst
16 Oct 16
Amazing Faith 4: Faith in the workplace     Listen     Download 
Zoe Dacre interviews Cathy Stewart and Al Bullen about their experience of sharing their faith in their respective workplaces. Owing to the personal information shared, this talk is only available for River Church members logged in to the website. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Zoe Dacre 09 Oct 16
Amazing Faith 3: Hope in the Valleys     Listen     Download     Slides
Jan speaks from Psalm 23 about Hope, in an uplifting talk that is part teaching and part testimony. 
Jan Vickers
Jan Vickers
02 Oct 16
Amazing Faith 2: A new hope for evangelism     Listen     Download
Dave explains why he is so encouraged about evangelism at the moment, even though he feels he is so bad at it!
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 2016
25 Sep 16
Amazing Faith 1: Sharing our faith     Listen     Download
Colin kicks off our new teaching series 'Amazing Faith' asserting that we can be very confident when talking to those who hold any other world views (Islam, Science, Atheism etc) because our message - the good news of Jesus - is so amazing! 
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
11 Sep 16
Blessed to be a blessing     Listen     Download     Slides
Lindsey, Dessie and Karen share how the Ignite course has helped to develop them as Christians and each gives an example of something God has spoken to them about recently.
Ignite students & Di Chapman
Diana Chapman
24 Jul 16
GOLD Part 3 - Powerful People     Slides
Sorry, this talk wasnt recorded. However Colin gave a very similar version of the message to The Journey church earlier this year:  Listen     Download
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
17 Jul 16
GOLD PART 2 - Compelling Love     Listen     Download     Slides
Colin brings part 2 of his mini-series on our GOLD values with a look at Love. The more we realise we are so loved, the more we must love.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
10 Jul 16
GOLD part 1 - Glorious Freedom     Listen     Download     Slides
Colin kicks off a new 3 part teaching series about River's GOLD values with a look at how the O - the 'Openness' of God - affects everything. He addresses the key question 'If God is so good, then why is the world so full of pain?'
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
03 Jul 16
RiverFest 16 recordings     Go to download page Julian  Sarah 24-26 Jun
Fathers' Day     Listen     Download     Slides
Gill brings a message about God as our perfect father, based on 3 encounters she has had recently. God wants to heal any wounds inside us that are the result of areas of fatherlessness, and to restore what should have been.
Gill Stott
Gill Stott
19 Jun 16
The Servant Queen and the King She Serves     Listen     Download 
Krish speaks at the Love Marlow / Churches Together Joint Open Air service in Higginson Park on this weekend when the country celebrates the Queen's officlal 90th birthday.
Krish Kandiah
Krish Kandiah
12 Jun 16
Being Church in the 21 Century - The Church As The Temple     Listen     Download
Dave speaks about us being individually and collectively the Temple of God. What is holding you back from fulfilling your potential as a living stone?
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 2016
05 Jun 16
Being Church in the 21 Century - Worship     Listen     Download     Slides     YouTube clip
Eyes to Heaven, Feet on the Ground: Andy looks at three important aspects of worship: Singing, Sacrifice and Spirit and Truth.
Andy Read
Andy Read
29 May 16
Heaven is just a breath away     Listen     Download
Guest speaker Allan (and his wife Liz) from Billy Kennedy's church in Southampton explains what is means to live like we really believe heaven is near, and explains how his recent near-death experience has affected his own thinking and behaviour.
Allan Cox
Alan Cox
22 May 16
Being Church in the 21 Century - Devoted     Listen     Download     Slides

Ceri ascribes the success of the 1st Century church to the level of their devotion, and asserts that this is still a vital ingredient for the Church now. Where would you put yourself on a devotion scale of 1 to 10?
Ceri Davies
Ceri Davies
08 May 16
Being Church in the 21 Century - What makes us different
Listen     Download
Diana considers the ways in which the church differs from every other club and group in the world, and reminds us that we are the fragrance of Jesus to all those we meet.
Diana Chapman
Diana Chapman
24 Apr 16
Visits to Delhi & Afghanistan     Listen     Download
Andrew & Linda have recently visited slums in Delhi, where the charity Asha they have been supporting for many years has had a huge impact, and John has been in Afghanistan. In this talk they describe what they did and saw, how it affected them, and gave invitations to go on short term Mission trips next year.
Asha video     Delhi photos     Afghanistan photos
The Southwoods & John Richards
17 Apr 16
Being Church in the 21 Century - the Church as a Family     Listen     Download
In this first of our new series based 'Being Church in the 21 Century' Dave asks some questions and shares his thoughts about the implications and challenges of the church being a family and body.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 2016
10 Apr 16
Easter Sunday     Listen     Download
Dave shares some thoughts about Easter Sunday and its infinite and eternal significance.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 2016
27 Mar 16
Living The Supernatural Lifestyle part 5: Miracles - a journey of desire     Listen     Download
Colin brings a challenge as to whether we have the hunger to press on to possess all that God has for us Let's be adventurous together!
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
13 Mar 16
Outreach and Evangelism     Listen     Download     Slides
John outlines our vision and plans for outreach and evangelism with particular focus on River Life (Beryl and team) and the Youth Centre (Dan).
John Richards
John R
06 Mar 16
Living The Supernatural Lifestyle part 4: Healing     Listen     Download
Nigel brings some thoughts about healing, and argues that we cannot pass on something we haven't got in the first place.... listen to find out more!
Nigel Stock
Nigel Stock
28 Feb 16
Faith in the Marketplace

Apologies - Gill's talk wasn't recorded :-(
Gill Stott
Gill Stott
21 Feb 16
Living The Supernatural Lifestyle part 3: Prayer     Listen     Download
Dave talks about persistence and intimacy in prayer with the help of (his wife) Chloe and Roger Flavell.
Dave Jones 2016 14 Feb 14
Living The Supernatural Lifestyle part 2: Champions of Hope    
Listen     Download
Paul and Grace from Elim City Church, Bristol and Champions of Hope UK encourage us in stepping out in the prophetic, with particular emphasis on bringing hope.
Paul & Grace Golf
Paul Grace Golf
07 Feb 16
Living The Supernatural Lifestyle part 1     Listen     Download     Slides
With some exciting stories and looking at 1 Corinthians 12, Colin introduces our new teaching series by encouraging us to be open to the supernatural.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
31 Jan 16
Crossing Borders     Listen     Download
On our first Sunday at our new home of Great Marlow School Dave speaks about moving from one situation to another using the example of the Israelite's return from Egypt to their Canaan.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 2016
24 Jan 16
Wholeheartedness     Listen     Download
Dave talks about being a wholehearted people: which requires us to have the courage to be imperfect; to be kind both to ourselves and to others; and understanding the power of being vulnerable.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones
03 Jan 16