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Preaching passionatelyListening intentlyVia this page you can listen to a number of talks from past meetings in the current academic year. To listen to a recording whilst online, click on the title of the talk.  To download a file to your computer, click on the (download) link. 

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Current Year Recordings (17-18)

Trusting in the Promises and Provision of God (JY) (download)
John shares about the importance of positioning ourselves to engage with God and other people in church community.
John Brannan, 18/02/2018
The Journey: New Leadership Announcement (JY) (download)
Pete Gadsdon is announced at the new leader of The Journey, taking over from Vicky Earll in September 2018.
Various, 27/01/2018
Fuelled By Prayer (JY) (download)
Tom Tora, Rachael Pymm, Richard Emmett and Emily Smith each share some of their own experiences and thoughts on how we can live fuelled by prayer.
Collaboration, 11/02/2018
Father God (JY) (download)
Vicky shares about the story of the prodigal son and what this teaches us about God as Father.
Vicky Earll, 04/02/2018
Sharing Family and Community with Others (JY) (download)
The Junction - Session 5. Ness Wilson talks about the importance of engaging with people around us who need the sense of belonging and life that come from church family.
Ness Wilson, 28/01/2018
All Play (JY) (download)
The Junction - Session 4. Ness Wilson talks about how times of leadership transition create space for everyone to step up and play their part in a new or different way in church community.
Ness Wilson, 27/01/2018
Leadership Transition - Moses and Joshua (JY) (download)
The Junction - Session 3. Ness Wilson shares about leadership transition, looking at Moses and Joshua, and how seasons of transition can be both positive and precarious.
Ness Wilson, 27/01/2018
Interview with Ness Wilson (JY) (download)
The Junction - Session 2. Vicky Earll interviews Ness Wilson.
Ness Wilson/Vicky Earll, 27/01/2018
New Season - Devotion (JY) (download)
The Junction - Session 1. Ness Wilson leads a short devotion reflecting on the excitement and challenges of a new season.
Ness Wilson, 26/01/2018
Sowing and Reaping (JY) (download)
Helen Davies, 01/10/2017
Imagining for the future: Seeds and Soil (JY) (download)
Peter Gadsdon, 24/10/2017
One Body Many Parts(JY) (download)
John Brannan, 17/09/2017
Rivers of living water (JY) (download)
Colin Barnes, 03/09/2017
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