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Reaching Out 

We are passionate about being involved in our town, reaching out to its residents with the love and life of Jesus. Here are some of the things that we offer:

  • The Maidenhead CAP Debt Centre: working with people in our town who are feeling weighed down by debt to bring hope, a listening ear in the privacy of their own home and to provide a real solution to their debts
  • Participation in local festivals and events
  • Larchfield Ladybirds: a term-time group for parents/carers and their little ones on Wednesday mornings 10-12pm in the Larchfield Community Centre.   


As a church family we support Lindz and Lucy West based in Manchester, GN4 DAT 4029096.jpg--reaching out to young people through school's work, youth events, festivals and discipling initiatives under the banner of LIGHT. For more info visit his website.