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Our Vision

To bring the life of Jesus and His kingdom wherever we are. 


Our Values

  Our conviction is that we bring the life of Jesus and His kingdom as we do these three things: 
  • Look on the face of Christ
  • Love everyone we meet
  • Live like Heaven is near 

Looking On The Face of Christ

Our faith is not primarily a religion, something we do, but a relationship with the God revealed by Jesus, a God who loves us as children.  As we read the Bible, worship and meditate on God's goodness, we become more like Jesus. Jesus is our source of life, our hope and inspiration helping us to become all we were created to be.

Loving Everyone We Meet

The reason we were created was to fill the earth with God's love. The Bible tells us God is love and this is who we are to be like, loving all people in the hope all will be saved. When we love one another we help the world see God and without love we are nothing. In loving one another we make the invisible God visible!  We owe everyone an encounter with love.

Living Like Heaven Is Near

TGod has given us the Holy Spirit and empowers each of us to bring a little of heaven to earth.  The Holy Spirit is God and so we expect that through us what we think is impossible can be achieved in all kinds of ways. Some are beautiful like acts of kindness and compassion, others are practical like leadership and administration and still others are supernatural like healing and prophecy.