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Maidenhead Talks 2004 - 2008

This page gives links enabling you to listen online to recordings made from 2004-2008 (click on the required teaching title below). If required the same files can be downloaded via the main media libary pages.

Title   Date
The Work of Re:Charge A drop in Centre for young people Lucy Pettitt 04/08/2008
Spiritual or Religious Mindset Christen Forster 27/07/2008
The return of Colin Barnes and enlarged family Colin Barnes 20/07/2008
Maidenhead Team Vision Ian & team 13/07/2008
Made According to Pattern Aleck Harrison 20/04/2008
Vision Sunday Maidenhead Leadership Team 13/04/2008
Opening Channels of Blessing Andy Read 06/04/2008
Resurrection Morning Christen & Judith Forster 23/03/2008
Princes and princesses pressing onward, as one Dave Jones 16/03/2008
Being encouraged and being an encourager Liz Challis 09/03/2008
Ian's Heart for River Church Maidenhead Ian Linton
Judith Forster
Crossing the River Andy Read 17/02/2008
Maidenhead Leadership Handover Judith Forster
Ian Linton
Faithfulness and Revelation Christen Forster 27/01/2008
Spirit of honour and of taking offence Stephen Klemich 20/01/2008
Remember, remember Judith Forster 13/01/2008
Interrupted by the Lord Judith Forster 09/12/2007
All about the Presence of God Vicki Earll 25/11/2007
Open Lines of Communication Helen Davies 04/11/2007
Testimony Sunday - Oct 2007 various 28/10/2007
How God speaks to us Christen Forster 21/10/2007
Being the Light of the World Mark & Jane Burlinson 14/10/2007
Ushering in the Messianic Kingdom Banning Liebscher 07/10/2007
The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength Andy Read 30/09/2007
Encouragment from Philippians Christen Forster 23/09/2007
Overview of Philippians Tim Stone 02/09/2007
The Father Heart of God Pete Davis 19/08/2007
Your full potential in God Judith Forster 12/08/2007
Testimony Sunday - Aug 2007 Various 29/07/2007
Back to Basics Colin Barnes 22/07/2007
The Father's Heart Patrick Nsereko 15/07/2007
True Fasting and Worship Andy Read 08/07/2007
Let Your Heart Be Healed By Jesus Stephen and Mara Klemich 01/07/2007
Doors of Destiny Judith Forster 24/06/2007
Fruitfulness versus Success Christen Forster 17/06/2007
Christianity 101 (Dedication Sunday) Christen Forster 20/05/2007
Walking in the Holy Spirit Tom Curtis 13/05/2007
Children of God Judith Forster 06/05/2007
Do you know who is in your house? Deborah Reed 29/04/2007
One Gospel Colin Barnes 22/04/2007
Marching Together, Citizens of Heaven Tim Stone 15/04/2007
Easter Sunday – The Atonement Chris Forster 08/04/2007
Jesus - Fully Human and Fully Divine Helen Davies 01/04/2007
Taking stock Judith Forster 25/03/2007
Co-heirs with Jesus Christen Forster 18/03/2007
A Community That Walks With God Andy Read 11/03/2007
Dealing with pressure Judith Forster 25/02/2007
Testimony Day various 18/02/2007
We were made for work Chris Forster 11/02/2007
Contact with God Al Bullen 04/02/2007
We are in a battle Colin Barnes 28/01/2007
Vision 2007 Judith Forster 23/01/2007
Church is a community that knows how to... (Part 2 of 2) Judith Forster 21/01/2007
Church is a community that knows how to... (Part 1 of 2) Judith Forster 14/01/2007
Transforming communities through the name of Jesus Steve Dixon 07/01/2007
God is a God of growth Judith Forster 31/12/2006
Mystery, Revelation and Manifestation Chris Forster 10/12/2006
Things done in secret: Godly and Godless Judith Forster 12/11/2006
More testimonies from SundayPM various 29/10/2006
Maidenhead testimony sunday, including reports from Bethel various 29/10/2006
Imitators of God Tim Stone 22/10/2006
You can lose your inheritance - or choose to keep it Chris Forster 15/10/2006
God's Home Al Bullen 08/10/2006
Eph 2: Our Destiny in Christ Helen Davies 24/09/2006
Eph 1: God's plans and purposes for us Colin Barnes 17/09/2006
Prayer, Patience, Perspective, Prophecy, Power Colin Barnes 13/08/2006
Believe in the dreams He has given you Paul Manwaring 30/07/2006
Baptism and meaning it Tim Stone 23/07/2006
Get in Training Chris Forster 16/07/2006
Bolivia report back Hayley Cox 16/07/2006
Bringing in the Kingdom Andy Read 09/07/2006
Testimony Sunday (God) 25/06/2006
Culture Matters Chris Forster 18/06/2006
Getting the clouds to lift Colin Barnes 11/06/2006
Authority of Jesus: part 3 of "Intimacy and involvement" Chris Forster 28/05/2006
Having the face of an Angel Colin Barnes 23/04/2006
Easter Sunday - The winning team Chris Forster 16/04/2006
Vision - finding and keeping Al Bullen 09/04/2006
Testimonies from  the Redding trip, and Michael Kolisang various 19/03/2006
The woman who anointed Jesus Liz Challis 19/02/2006
Gabriel, Zechariah and Mary Judith Forster 11/12/2005
Stepping into your Inheritance Chris Forster 27/11/2005
What's in your hand (poor sound quality) Andy Read 27/11/2005
Spiritual Blindness Helen Davies 20/11/2005
Managing your inputs and outputs Chris Forster 13/11/2005
Man at the pool - finding the excluded seekers Chris Forster


Water into Wine - don't miss the miracle Chris Forster 25/09/2005
Using the Gift Jane van Renen & Judith Forster 11/09/2005
Who's in - Who's Out - The Inclusive Gospel Andy Read  26/06/2005
Walking with Jesus Chris Forster 19/06/2005 
The Dancing Father! - The Gospel God pt 2 Chris Forster 24/04/2005
Hitting The Smite Button? - The Gospel God  Andy Read  17/04/2005 
The Mystery of the Cross  Chris Forster  27/03/2005 
The Unity of the Spirit Chris Forster 20/03/2005
Vision for 2005 Judith Forster 09/01/2005
Immanuel - the meaning of God with us Chris Forster 12/12/2004
Lessons from Mary - Birthing God's Purposes Chris Forster 28/11/2004
Wells of Blessing Andy Read 14/11/2004
Friends of God Judith Forster 24/10/2004
Baptism, a lifestyle Chris Forster 17/10/2004
Water into Wine - don't miss the Miracle Chris Forster
Chris looks at the meaning of the miracle and how it was a sign to those close to Jesus but missed by the general public.
Downloads: 1290
Recorded: 25/09/2005
Length: 40 minutes
Reference: John 2:1-11
Listen Download MP3 Audio (16Kbps, 4.5MB)
Using the Gift Jane van Renen &Judith Forster
Jane van Renen brings some testimony about how Jesus has challenged her through her trip to the US and Judith draws out the principles for us all
Downloads: 1256
Recorded: 11/09/2005
Length: 40 minutes
Reference: Mark 10
Listen Download MP3 Audio (16Kbps, 4.7MB)
Made in the Image of God Chris Forster
How we reflect God's image even in our brokeness? Exploring God's intentionality, formation and intimate involvement in creating humanity.
Downloads: 1373
Recorded: 15/05/2005
Length: 35 minutes
Reference: Genesis 1:27-29
Listen Download MP3 Audio (16Kbps, 4.0MB)