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Never give up! The past is your history, the future's your destiny.Lindz West
River Together Talks
Length: 36 minutes
LZ7's Lindz West recounts some of the amazing ways that God has touched the lives of young people without hope, and about the plans for a UK tour called Illuminate.
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The Wind of the Spirit is blowing (SL)Ian Moody
Slough Talks
Length: 39 minutes
"So set your sails" We may not know where the Wind of God is taking us, but we know that it will be forward, and in His will. So, don't be afraid of taking whatever risk is involved for the Breath of God, the Wind of the Spirit.
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Living In Love (JY)Vicky Earll
Journey Talks
Length: 18 minutes
Vicky looks at what it is to live in love.
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Salt and Light (SL)Al Bullen
Slough Talks
Length: 51 minutes
Al Bullen speaks to us about being salt and light. Be driven by Compassion, step out in Courage, and watch the Transformation. Sometimes we light the feet for that very next step. Sometimes we light the path that leads upward.
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God was on the Scene today! (SL)Sabina Moody
Slough Talks
Length: 41 minutes
Sabina Moody encourage us to bask in God's pleasure over us, knowing that the hard things He presents to us are really for our encouragement, growth, and ultimate freedom
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Advent Series Part 3 - Joy (MH)Colin Barnes
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 26 minutes
Colin tells us of the shepherds who were told by angels of the coming Messiah and they went to Bethlehem and found Jesus in the manger. The shepherds returned, full of ‘JOY’, praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, just as they had been told. Our Joy does not depend on our circumstances; Joy is like an underground stream that keeps on flowing.
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Advent - Waiting for and hoping on Jesus (MW)Tom Button
Marlow Talks
Length: 30 minutes
Tom uses the example of Nicodemus to reflect on how we can respond to Jesus
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Advent Series Part 2 - Love and Peace (MH)Mike Holt
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 27 minutes
At this advent time Mike tells us of God’s ‘Love’ beyond knowledge and ‘Peace’ beyond understanding, God’s Love is not dependent on what ‘WE’ do. Jesus didn’t come to make God’s love possible but he came to make it visible, both in the stable and on the cross.
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Prophetic Evangelism (SL)Colin Barnes
Slough Talks
Length: 47 minutes
Colin asserts that we carry the same Spirit of Prophecy that Jesus did, and each time we meet needy people, we CAN treat them exactly like He did touching them with His love, and see their needs met!
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Amazing Faith 7 - The Journey of Faith (MW)Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard
Marlow Talks
Length:1 hour 1 minute
Guest speaker Jeannine speaks about her own journey of growing in faith, and reflects on faith being the intersection of hope and expectation
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