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Survey of the Bible Part IV - The ProphetsColin Barnes
River Streams
Length:1 hour 24 minutes
The problem is idolatry, but God still edifies, exhorts and comforts His people.
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Survey of the Bible Part III - Judges & KingsColin Barnes
River Streams
Length:1 hour 22 minutes
Joshua to 2 Chronicles, the history of the nation of Israel - a light to the Gentiles?
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Survey of the Bible Part II - TorahColin Barnes
River Streams
Length:1 hour 19 minutes
Can God and man live together?
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Survey of the Bible Part I: GenesisColin Barnes
River Streams
Length:1 hour 37 minutes
Unlocking the real story of the first book of the Bible.
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Following Jesus with 'Kingdom Hearts' (MH)Ceri Davies
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 29 minutes
Ceri refers to the gospel of Luke, chapter 6. Here, Jesus engages His newly chosen disciples in some "team talk" - the vital things He needs them to know as they set off together on His mission to bring heaven to earth through the breaking in of His kingdom.
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Praying like Jesus (SL)Mary Porter
Slough Talks
Length: 42 minutes
Mary Porter looking at "prayer" from a different perspective. What Is Prayer...The Lord’s Prayer vs The Lord’s Prayer ... Praying In The name Of Jesus
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Just Jesus part 1: Jesus the Disruptor (MW)Andy read
Marlow Talks
Length: 0 minutes
Andy kicks off our new series 'Just Jesus' with a look at the disruptive nature of his message and ministry, which is just as relevant for us now as it was when He was on the earth in person.
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Lord’s Prayer part 2 (SL)Ian Moody
Slough Talks
Length: 38 minutes
Ian looks at God’s provision in the Lord’s Prayer; for our needs, our forgiveness, our deliverance and protection.
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Joy (MW)Jonquil Ruffell
Marlow Talks
Length: 16 minutes
Jonny explores Joy - the fruit of the Spirit that allows us to have hope no matter the difficulty of the situations in which we find ourselves.
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The Lord's Prayer, part 1 (SL)Ian Moody
Slough Talks
Length: 40 minutes
Looking at the 'Lord's' Prayer and how it provides a foundation for all our prayer
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