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Joseph - Suffering and Salvation (MH)
Mike Holt
Mike tells the story of Joseph through 4 aspects, 1) Joseph had God-given gifts; 2) The Lord was with Joseph through the good and bad times; 3) God’s favour on Joseph became a blessing to others; 4) Joseph stayed faithful to God and God’s promise to Abraham.
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  • Recorded: 14/10/2018
  • Length: 30 minutes
People of God 5 - Joseph (MW)
Keith Grafham
Keith draws lessons from the life of Joseph, pointing out similarities between his life and that of Jesus, including how they brought salvation after going through suffering.
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  • Recorded: 14/10/2018
  • Length: 32 minutes
Abraham - Faith and Faithfulness (MH)
Simon Tempest
Simon reveals to us the faith that Abraham had in God. Abraham believed in God and His plans, and God made Abraham the father of all nations, showing us that God is faithful, and will always provide.
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  • Recorded: 07/10/2018
  • Length: 27 minutes
Something New (SL)
Peter Oboyle
God is doing something new in Slough. His church needs to be ready to do new things too.
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  • Recorded: 07/10/2018
  • Length: 42 minutes
People of God 4 - Abraham: Faith & Faithfulness (MW)
Colin Barnes
Colin looks at God's interactions with Abram and analyses what it reveals about His message to mankind: "I am kind, I am powerful; let’s save the world together. You can trust Me!
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  • Recorded: 07/10/2018
  • Length: 38 minutes
The Good Shepherd (SL)
Florine Ghouri
study of the good Shepherd and sheep .
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  • Downloads: 26
  • Recorded: 30/09/2018
  • Length: 14 minutes
  • Reference: Psalm 23
Abraham - Calling and Challenge (MH)
Andy Read
Andy gives an insight into Abraham the man who was faithful, flawed and fruitful. He left his father and home behind and followed God on a journey to greatness.
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  • Recorded: 30/09/2018
  • Length: 26 minutes
People of God 3 - Abraham (MW)
Sandra Bullen
Sandra looks at Abraham's calling to be the Father to many nations, focusing on what that 'Calling' means for us today.
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  • Recorded: 30/09/2018
  • Length: 34 minutes
Praying for the Leaders of all the River Churches
Simon Tempest
Simon leads us in praying for the leaders of all four River Churches
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  • Downloads: 53
  • Recorded: 23/09/2018
  • Length: 8 minutes
History Makers and Hero Makers
Ceri Davies
Ceri calls us to recommit ourselves to live for God as River enters this new season; He hasn't finished with us yet - there is so much more to move into.
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  • Recorded: 23/09/2018
  • Length: 11 minutes