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I am the Good Shepherd (MW)Andy Read
Marlow Talks
Length: 26 minutes
Andy speaks about Jesus the Good Shepherd, who guides, provides and protects.
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Honouring the Past. Pressing into the Future (MH)Andy Read
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 31 minutes
Continuing our Revealing Jesus series, Andy gives an overview of Romans, 11 to 15 - also relating it to a new season for River Church Maidenhead. Let’s learn from and honour the past, as we move forward in dedication and love.
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Following Jesus - 'Who Am I' (MH)Andy Read
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 36 minutes
As we were unable to meet this morning due to heavy snow, Andy presents a podcast of his talk based on Acts chapters 10 and 11. Luke now begins to tell the story of a fundamental turning point in the history of the early church. For the first time Gentiles will be directly evangelised and admitted into fellowship with Jewish Christians.
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God's Kingdom - Within your Grasp (MH)Andy Read
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 31 minutes
Continuing on the Following Jesus series Andy refers to passages from Luke 13 to Luke 17 in the context of Jesus showing ‘Disruptive Leadership’, leadership that does not want to stick to the status quo. Jesus comes and shows a different way. How will we grasp God’s Kingdom and what attitudes will we turn away from?
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It's all about Jesus 1: Jesus the Disruptor (MW)Andy read
Marlow Talks
Length: 0 minutes
Andy kicks off our new series 'Just Jesus' with a look at the disruptive nature of his message and ministry, which is just as relevant for us now as it was when He was on the earth in person.
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Encountering Jesus - The Church (MH)Andy Read
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 24 minutes
This week Andy reflects on Mathew’s gospel, chapters 16 to 20. Andy refers to the three times that Jesus explicitly mentions the word “Church” in the gospels, in Mathew 16 and 18. These verses underpin the revelation and foundation that ‘Jesus is the Son of God’.
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Jesus Our Champion (MH)Andy Read
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 36 minutes
Continuing our ‘Encountering Jesus’ theme Andy reflects on Mathew’s gospel, chapter 8 and focuses on four events. Healing of the man with leprosy; the Roman centurion’s faith; the calming of the storm and the two men possessed by demons.
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Living Water Part 12 - Heart Felt Conversations (MH)Andy Read
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 40 minutes
Andy refers to John 4, the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. Taking a more detailed look at the conversation that took place and the drivers of behaviour, using the Heartlife indicator. What can we learn from the way Jesus talks and responds to the woman?
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Being Church in the 21 Century - Worship (MW)Andy Read
Marlow Talks
Length: 36 minutes
Eyes to Heaven, Feet on the Ground: Andy looks at three important aspects of worship: Singing, Sacrifice and Spirit and Truth.
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Re-digging Old Wells - Finding New Wells (MH)Andy Read
Maidenhead Talks
Length: 18 minutes
Reference:Genesis 26:12-19
Andy refers to Isaac re-digging the old Wells in Genesis 26, verses 12 to 19. God still has a purpose for the ‘Old Wells’ in our community. God knows the things that may have blocked our wells and He wants to clear them. We are all here to be used as His Wells and we are loved even more than we know.
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