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Welcome to Edge!

All across the UK God is raising up a generation of young people who, in a culture often defined by compromise, are choosing to go all out for Jesus. They are set ablaze and those around them watch in amazement as they demonstrate the power of Jesus through miracles, signs and wonders as the new Christian norm. Defined by love, and marked with a desperation for more of God, these young adults will revolutionise society.

Edge is a community which seeks to fuel the ‘burning youth’ in River Church; offering them a base of teaching, worship, God encounters, and friendships on which they can confidently stand.

It’s a cross-River youth work in which the presence of God is highly honoured. We are covered by River's central leadership team, and stress an importance around releasing all our young people into:

  • learning how to run towards God’s promises over their lives
  • becoming supernatural, 21st Century, disciples of Jesus
  • knowing how to unlock the Bible, and create lifestyles of friendship with God
  • becoming affirmed in their identity as royal children of the King
If you’re in secondary school and interested in exploring your spiritual journey, or joining a community of young people who love God, then we’d love for you to join us at our youth-only events, gatherings, and groups listed around this website.
Love and blessings,
The Edge team