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Who We Are

River is a family of churches (MarlowMaidenheadSlough and Englefield Green) called to bring life wherever we flow, especially to our local communities and to the church (Ezekiel 47:9).
We are united by our passion for Jesus, a shared set of values and a conviction we bring heaven to earth as we do three things.

Look on the face of Christ

Our faith is not primarily a religion, something we do, but a relationship with the God revealed by Jesus, a Father who loves us as His children.  As we read the Bible, worship Him and meditate on His goodness, we become more like Jesus.

Love everyone we meet

The Bible tells us God is love and we are to be like Him, loving all people in the hope that all will be saved.  When we love one another we help the world see God and without love we are nothing.

Live like heaven is near

God has given us His Spirit and empowers each of us to bring a little heaven to earth.  So we expect God to do the impossible through us in all kinds of ways: some are beautiful like acts of kindness and compassion, others are practical like leadership and administration and still others are supernatural like healing and prophecy.

River Church started in the 70’s with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a group of young people, and has grown to the four churches we are today. We are non-denominational, a part of the Pioneer Network of churches and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

Evangelical Allience


River Church Maidenhead meets every Sunday at Altwood School. Tea and coffee from 10am, with the meeting itself getting underway at 10.30am.
River Church Marlow meets every Sunday at Great Marlow School. Tea and coffee from 10.15am, with the meeting itself getting underway at 10.30am.
River Church Slough meets every Sunday at 10.30am at The Britwell Centre.
The Journey meets every Sunday at 11am at The Hub, Englefield Green.