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Beryl B's story

Shortly after my 40th Birthday I was invited by a friend to a gathering to hear Fiona Castle, (wife of the late Roy Castle) speak - little did I know at that point the impact saying "yes" would have on my life!

During her talk Fiona spoke of having a "God-shaped" hole in her life and I knew instantly that she had put into words what I knew to be true for myself.

I wanted to know more and arranged for my friend, Sheila, to come and explain a few things to me, and also to another friend of mine that I had been sharing my experience with.

Sheila duly arrived, armed with her Bible, and so began my jouney along the road to knowing Jesus for myself.

I made a commitment at a Sunday meeting not long after this - some time ago now - and I have to say it was the best birthday present!

Not least because in the following months I came to recognise the hold that prescription medication had over my life.

With the help, support and prayers of new friends, I was able to find the courage and strength to stop taking tranquillisers and trust God instead to help me through each day.