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Simon T's Story

I became a Christian in my middle teens – nothing dramatic in one sense. I wasn’t into drugs, running wild or anything like that. An ordinary teenager who could be “Kevin like!” loved sport and music, into having a good time. 

Then my parents became Christians and introduced me to their new friends. They were different – peaceful, joyful, supportive (could still be very competitive in a game of anything though) – real people who talked about their God and in particular Jesus. They made a big impression on me, along with my father who really embraced Christianity in a big way – it changed him big style, and for the better.

Later that year I became a Christian too. Since then I have discovered God the Father, his son Jesus, all through the power of the Spirit in a real way, everyday experience – I’d call it a friendship. My God is challenging and supportive. Always looking for the best for me, not content to let me settle.

My wife Jane and I try to live life with our God firmly involved. He has altered our perspective, provided purpose beyond career, money and living for ourselves and a fantastic hope for the future – that one day we will be with him. I get snatches of being in God’s throne room sometimes when we worship or pray and whilst I still love sport and the highs of winning, there is no better place than knowing you are in the presence of Almighty God.