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FreedomHow to hold onto the freedom

Firstly, well done for having a Sozo appointment, we hope you’re continuing to see fruit from the breakthrough you gained and that you take another step towards greater freedom with the Lord.
Staying on the journey is so important. You’ve hopefully moved into a place of greater openness and intimacy with the Lord, heard Him speak to you in a fresh and gentle way and brought down some barriers that may have hindered. This may have given you impetus to continue exploring your relationship with Him in these new ways, the use of imagination will be key for you.
You will have had written down all the good positive images, pictures and Scriptures – these are yours to use again and again. Where you’ve exchanged wounds and lies for truths, continue to ask the Lord to open up these places for you, ask as many questions to Father God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit as you feel able to. You’ll be amazed at how rich these experiences can be. And when things get tough again, remind yourself of who God says you are (He cannot lie), what Jesus has done for you, or for the Holy Spirit to bring comfort to you. It takes time to let these truths sink deep down into the core of your being, and to allow yourself to be loved and delighted in – even if this still feels a bit foreign. By doing this, you’ll become more and more the person God created you to be. Transformation is taking place.
At times the change and breakthrough can be dramatic, you may have found that during your Sozo appointment, other times it can seem much slower, one degree at a time. Both are valid. Neither is wrong. Do remember healing is a process. You can continue to use the Sozo tools by yourself by:
  • Waiting in His presence
  • Connecting to Father God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit
  • Naming any wounds
  • Naming any lies about the Godhead or yourself
  • Naming any sin by you or against you
You can then participate in an exchange with Him, enabled to receive what you need from Him; comfort, courage, provision, safety, friendship, strength, peace, cleansing, affirmation and face reality with Him.
Keep seeking the Lord for these things until you start to believe them for yourself and your old labels or persona are exchanged for God’s truth.
You are of course able to return for another Sozo appointment. We suggest a number of months pass before reapplying in most cases. If you’ve yet to complete an evaluation form, please do this here as we love to read about your story and what the Lord has done in your life.