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Moscow update September 2017

The latest update from Andrei Blinkov in Moscow. 

"New Life Center focuses on the rehabilitation ministry to dependent people. At present, we have two centers where both men and women who are dependent on alcohol, drugs and other chemicals can receive freedom in Christ, recovery and master a new specialty. A chain of slavery is broken and former addicts return to normal life in their families, or create new ones. 

The second area of our ministry is social orphans. Nowadays almost all situations when a child is without parents are related to the fact that adults are drinking or using drugs. Children who have grown up in the system of orphanages are poorly prepared for life and are at risk, replenishing the army of homeless people, criminals, secondary orphans or committing suicide because of despair. Statistics say that the percentage of survivors among them is less than 10%."

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Many blessings in the Lord!

Andrei Blinkov 

John Sandeman, 30/09/2017