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Georgie's ears

Georgie is a member of Marlow Congregation... poor hearing required that she wear hearing aids in both ears, she was prayed for on Oct 30th 2005 at the Marlow Sunday AM meeting.

"On the Monday after Chris prayed for my ears I felt that they seemed much clearer and my hearing had improved so I didn't bother to put in my hearing aids. But I wanted to get it checked out to make sure and have another hearing test done. I had an appointment today (17/11/2005) and she said there was a slight improvement (to both ears) though she thought that was due to a different machine doing the test etc. However she did say that I needn't wear the hearing aid in my right ear but advised that I still use the one in the left ear but it was my decision. So having gone from being told by two different audiologists that I needed hearing aids for both ears it now seems that I only need one for my left ear.

Prayer worked and God has improved the hearing in my right ear. For me there can be no other reason for it and I can definitely hear better on the phone. Thanks very much".