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Di ChapmanSearching the Source of the River

Forgotten Women of the British Pentecostal Revival 1907-1914.


A 10 Lesson Course


River member Diana Chapman has done extensive research on the 20th century Pentecostal revival in Britain while studying for her Masters Degree in Mission from the University of Wales. This resulted in her book, Searching the Source of the River: The Forgotten Women of the British Pentecostal Revival.

She teaches both in the UK and abroad and was a missionary in Uganda for 3 years. Diana teaches River's Big Year training programme.


These videos were recorded by the International Christian Women’s Hall of Fame & History Project, a "multifaceted undertaking to equip women to be change agents in society and the Christian community by honoring women of the past and present, and by providing interactive education, strategic resources, significant relationships, leadership training, and ministry opportunities"


To access all these video lectures please click here.

Lesson 1. The Pentecostal Revival in Britain 1907 – How it all started and the importance of All Saints Church Sunderland, and its vicar Alexander Boddy.

Lesson 2. Women’s ministry in the origins of Pentecostalism in Britain – An overview of the women whose lives and ministries paved the way.

Lesson 3. The First Fruits of the year 1907 – The story of Catherine Price who goes down in Pentecostal history as the first person to speak in tongues in connection with the revival and of Margaret Cantel, who with her husband, Harry, led one of the first Pentecostal works in Britain.

Lesson 4. Mary Boddy, The Mother of Pentecostalism – At the hub of the revival in Sunderland, Mary played a pivotal role not just as wife to Alexander but as a minister in her own right especially in the area of divine healing and the laying on of hands to receive the Baptism of the Spirit; her teaching laid foundational theology to the movement.

Lesson 5. Catching the Flame – The stories of Lydia Walshaw and Christina Beruldsen, two women pioneers who travelled to Sunderland and took the Pentecostal message back to their home towns and began Pentecostal works.

Lesson 6. American women of influence – Carrie Judd Montgomery and Maria Woodworth Etter who through their writings and Carrie’s visit and relationship with the Boddys influenced and acted as role models in the emerging movement.

Lesson 7. Eleanor Crisp and the Pentecostal Missionary Training Home (PMU) in London – Eleanor gave her life to mould a generation of women who gave themselves to foreign mission as well as being a prominent leader in the movement.

Lesson 8. To the Ends of the Earth – Stories of the intrepid missionary ladies who laid down their lives to answer the ‘call’ to evangelise the nations and became the heroes of their day.

Lesson 9. Polly Wigglesworth – The challenging and little known life of the women ‘in front’ of legendary Smith.

Lesson 10. Release and Restrictions - Reflections on the release and subsequent restrictions placed on women and the crucial part that Alexander Boddy played in facilitating their ministry.

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