Now let me show you something groovy that is great for every kid
It uses lots of energy without the national grid
Uh huh huh
There’s gonna be a crash
We’re gonna dance, we’re gonna sway in so many different ways
We’re gonna see the roof raise with our funky River praise
Let’s make a splash

We’re gonna jump, squat, stretch and spin
Clap, stamp, shout and make a din
Uh huh huh
You know it’s not a sin
Step left shuffle right, bend your knees and hop
Star jump twice then…. it’s time to stop
Uh huh huh

We really can’t deny it this is such a silly song
There’s way too many actions and we might just get it wrong
Uh huh huh
It’s gonna be a smash
Cos praising is amazing and it makes me want to shout
So get up on your feet, you know what it’s about
Let’s make a splash

c2007 Ceri Williams

Ceri Williams, 24/07/2007