Alleluia Itch

1.         Well I woke up in the morning / Tried to get up on my feet
            But the weirdest thing was happenin / With a crazy kind of beat
            My shoulders started shakin / And my nose began to twitch
            I got the Alleluia itch!
2.         Well I thought I must be dreamin / But my eyes were clear and bright
            Took a quick look in the mirror / And I gave myself a fright
            Felt my feet begin to drum / And my fingers start to strum
            I got the Alleluia itch!
            It's just an Alleluia feeling / That thrills down my spine
            But it makes me feel fine / Yeah yeah
            It's an Alleluia feeling / That makes me wanna dance
            Yes I'm gonna dance / Yeah - ea - ea - eah!!!!
            Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia Yeah!
3.         So I bet you've started thinking / What's it really all about
            What's the singing, what's the dancing / Is there any need to shout
            Well just get up on your feet / Cos it's time to feel the beat
            And get the Alleluia itch
(Repeat Chorus)
            I've got the Alleluia itch !!!!
Copyright © Ceri Williams 2006

Ceri Williams, 28/07/2006