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BIG Gatherings (Joint Meetings) - Audio archive

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June 08 Big Gathering

Main talk: Eat from the Tree of Life

Stephen explains the difference between eating from the Tree of Life vs from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.



Coming Home - new song co-written and performed by Andy Read


A word about Escape

Stephen Klemich






Andy Read

01 Jun 08
March 08 Big Gathering
Main talk: By this will all men know that you are my disciples
Michael exhorts us to obey Jesus' new commandment that we should love one another

one minute messages from a whole range of River people and River friends who are involved in some way in mission.
Michael Kolisang

02 Mar 08

December 07 Big Gathering main talk: What happens when God breaks in. What are you waiting for God to do? Judith speaks about 5 people in whose lives God intervened around the time of Jesus' birth, and what the implications are for us.



Judith Forster 02 Dec 07

September 07 Big Gathering main talk - Harvest 

Accompanying slides


Commissioning of the Journey congregation leadership team.

Andy Read



Chris Forster et al

16 Sep 07
June 07 Big Gathering:
main talk - "Every Tribe Nation and Tongue"

Video #1 - Intro
Video #2 - Europe (log in required)
Video #3 - South America (log in required)
Video #4 - Asia (log in required)

Asian Church Worship Band
River Worship Band - 'See His love'
River Choir

Colin Barnes
03 Jun 07

March 07 Big Gathering:

part 1 intro and welcome

part 2 choir

part 3

part 4 - worship

part 5 - interview with Di Chapman

part 6 - interview with Goran D


main talk: "I will not leave you as orphans"


Chris and Judith

Angela and choir

Chris and Judith
Andy and band

Di Chapman

Goran D


Fred Wright

04 Mar 07


Below here - archive of the old 'SundayAM Together' meetings





2007 and Beyond part 1

Chris speaks on "redeeming the discarded inheritances", looking forward to the next phase of our journey with God


Accompanying slides (requires Acrobat Reader)


Praying for Central Leadership Team

Steve leads us in (re-)commissioning the Central (main) Leadership Team


2007 and Beyond part 2

Chris describes some of the detail of our new quarterly joint meetings which start next month, and about other planned changes for 2007


Paul West's testimony

Paul shares how GOOD God has been to him in his (lack of) job situation over the past 7 months

Chris Forster







Steve Clifford




Chris Forster





Paul West

05 Nov 06

Crossing the River

Andy teaches from Joshua 1 that it's time to leave the past and step out into what God has both for you as an individual and for us as a body.


ALSO click HERE for a report of the visit by Andy and Tim S to Lesotho, to join in the 20th anniversary celebrations of the founding of Fill the Gap

Andy Read 01 Oct 06
Adopting an eternal perspective
Chris encourages us to adopt an eternal perspective of events, and in this context talks about Diana Maher's passing. He also looks forward to what God will do amongst us in 2007.
Chris Forster 03 Sep 06

The Men With Stones

Steve Clifford 02 Jul 06

Faith, the Holy Spirit and anti-culture


(To start, the testimony of Rusty Griffin (friend of Duane White), followed on by the main talk. Don't let the prevaling culture quench the fire of the Holy Spirit.)

Chris Forster 04 Jun 06
Becoming a 'Hyperman': Breaking though your limits Duane White 07 May 06

Four separate files:

- Rescue Mission or Treasure Hunt? Main talk.

  (Click here for Linda's slides)

- Interview with Nigel & Karen Rivers

- Testimonies from Jesus Culture conference

- Ministry section at end of the meeting

  (Click here for the words of the offering prayer we joined in)


Linda Harding


various Base guys & gals




02 Apr 06

Three separate files:

- Changing Our Perception - Lessons from Gideon

Click here for all the accompanying slides

(requires Acrobat Reader) or Click here to just see the perception pictures

- Sending out Dave & Laura Vann to Cambodia

- Commissioning the Marlow Leadership Team


Andy Read


05 Mar 06

Pushing into Prayer
Jessie's Word
Nigel Stock
Jessie Reid
05 Feb 06
Hallmarks of the Presence of God Chris Forster 08 Jan 06
The meaning and truth of Jesus birth Chris Forster  04 Dec05
Walking into the Impossible Martin Young 06 Nov 05
Participation through Transformation Chris Forster 04 Sep 05
Breaking the Power of Lies Colin Barnes 07 Aug 05
Sow where you want to go Gerald Coates  03 Jul 05 
The Church Judith Forster  05 Jun 05 

My Father's House

Karen Rivers  01 May 05 
God's anger Sadie Barnes  03 Apr 05 
Relationship not Religion Al Bullen  06 Mar 05 

Seek and Save the Lost

Step into the Boat with Jesus

Kate A

Chris Forster

13 Feb 05 
A Response to the Tsunami

Chris Forster

02 Jan 05

Walking in Love

Laurence Singlehurst 

05 Dec 04    

Jesus the Builder

Chris Forster 

07 Nov 04

Berlin, River and the Rivers

Paul Nogossek 

03 Oct 04

God With Us / God Changing Us

Andy Read

05 Sep 04

Being a Producer not a Consumer part 1

Duane White

11 Jul 04

New strategy for 11-18s

Sandra Bullen 

04 Jul 04

Freedom, Friendliness and Fruitfulness

Chris Forster  

06 Jun 04

Life In The Spirit

Roger Forster

02 May 04

All those being saved

Chris Forster 

04 Apr 04 

Entering through the narrow gate

Colin Barnes

07 Mar 04

The Covenant Prayer

Andy Read

01 Feb 04



 Roger & Faith Forster


 Life in the Spirit Part 1 2 May 04
 Life in the Spirit Part 2 2 May 04
 Life in the Spirit - Ministry 2 May 04



 Duane White


 Being a Producer not a Consumer Part 1 11 Jul 04
 Being a Producer not a Consumer Part 2 11 Jul 04



 Gerald Coates


 Sow where you want to go

3 Jul 05

 Making Jesus Attractive

27 Jun 04