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Talks From Marlow Meetings Jan'07 - Sep'08

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Pressing Onwards to Maturity

Helen speaks about about God's plans for us and our purpose in life.

Helen Davies 07 Sep 08

The grace of Jesus, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Colin speaks from 2 Corinthians 13, illustrating his talk with stories from Nepal

Colin Barnes 27 Jul 08

Theory vs Reality

Theory vs reality, knowledge vs practice: Christen talks about the church's need to speak from testimony as well as from the bible (and touches on a number of other topics). Apologies that a short section in the middle of this talk is missing.

Christen Forster 20 Jul 08

Reach out to God

Geoff talks about four kinds of people: Hypocrites, Leaders, the Sick and Sinners. Do our instincts always reflect the right behaviour?


(also from today - the >>Dedication of Sarah and Chloe Shepherd)<<

Geoff Wilson 13 Jul 08

Neighbourhood Groups - Watchmen

Helen talks about the role of Neighbourhood Groups in being 'Watchmen' for their localities

>>Associated slides<<

Helen Davies 06 Jul 08

Go get a vision for your life

Do you know what God wants you to do with your life, in the medium and long term? Including Simon Tempest sharing about his and John's recent visit to the Yemen


See also Middle East slideshow (River members only)

John Richards 29 Jun 08

Walking in love - the fruitful life


Pete Hopkinson speaks about the next steps for the micro-finance project in Nepal and is prayed for


Helen and Pete have recently returned from Nepal where they visited Colin and Sadie. In >>this video<< she talks about a number of Nepali Christians there who need our prayer support.

Helen Davies





Helen Davies

22 Jun 08

Catch the Wave

Al exhorts us to jump onto the current wave of God moving in power

Al Bullen 15 Jun 08

Speaking encouragement to one another

Judith challenges us to become encouragers to one another, and also brings some prophetic words


John Richards speaks about his trip with Simon Tempest to Yemen later this week and is prayed for

Judith Forster





08 Jun 08
Jesus - Humility and Hope
Tim (a friend of Helen from Icthus) recounts how Jesus treated people in a counter-cultural way and challenges us follow His example.
Tim Boniface 25 May 08

Mozambique story
Julian and Annie recount how God has brought them from being an 'ordinary couple' married 29 years ago to now being on the verge of a year working in Mozambique. >>Associated slides<<
Julian also brings prophetic words for individuals and for the whole congregation.

Also some >>fresh testimonies of healing<<

Julian and Annie Bullen 11 May 08

Without me you can do nothing

Following on from Helen's talk last week Pete further develops the theme of training ourselves so that we grow in God.


Also John Richards recounts his recent trip to YWAM in Albania, and more locally his involvement with the needy in Wycombe; and Katie describes what it was like to be in the revival meetings in Lakeland, FL this week. Then they are both prayed for >>Click HERE<<

Pete Davies





John Richards


04 May 08
Growing Stronger In God
Helen encourages us to become fully-equipped free-range Christians, able to feed ourselves from the Word, and so keeping strong in all aspects of our lives.
Helen Davies 27 Apr 08
What is God doing amongst us?
Andy gives a 'fatherly chat' about what God is doing amongst us, to encourage,challenge and therefore help us to live in better balance

'What does revival look like?' slide - click on it for full size version
Andy Read 13 Apr 08
Running to the Miracle Maker
Judith challenges and encourages as she brings a message about pressing into the goodness of God.
Judith Forster 06 Apr 08

Walking in Faith as a child

Vicky brings a clear and simple message of encouragement for us to walk in faith rather than fear, approaching God with a child-like trust.

Vicky Earll 30 Mar 08
Easter message: it's a done deal, you are a child of God!
Helen Davies 23 Mar 08


Tim challenges us about how free we allow ourselves to become in God's presence, and how we react to others who are not too proud to abandon themselves before Him

Tim Stone 16 Mar 08

Balancing the supernatural and the practical

Speaking from 1 John, Chris explains how we need to keep a balance between experiencing the supernatural and having a practical approach in the way we show our love.

Christen Forster 09 Mar 08
You're a Royal!
Dave describes how he has come to realise the significance of us being sons and daughters of the King, and how this can and should affect our everyday living.

Also - CLICK HERE to hear the overview of the work of Nigel and Karen Rivers in Berlin at das Gnadenhaus, and HERE to view the associated slides
Dave Jones

Dave's dad
24 Feb 08
Walking With Jesus
Helen helps us understand better how Jesus could be at the same time both God and Man, and the implications of this.

See also the accompanying slides
Helen Davies 17 Feb 08
Fresh Water
Andy speaks about the need for us to unblock the wells of blessing that the enemy has filled, so that we can move on into God's open spaces

See also the accompanying slides
Andy Read 10 Feb 08
Taking offence and Giving honour
Stephen speaks to the Marlow congregation about the need to give honour; and not to take offence.

And some great family news
Stephen Klemich 03 Feb 08
Remember remember
Judith encourages us to remember the goodness of God shown through what he's done in the PAST, so that we can we stand in the PRESENT with hope for the FUTURE.

And some great testimonies
Judith Forster

27 Jan 08

The Body of Christ part 2 - Prodigals

Helen brings some more thoughts about the Body following on from her talk at the congregation meeting earlier this month.

Helen Davies 20 Jan 08
Arise, Shine!
Pete expands on the vision and aspirations he and Helen have for the Marlow congregation this year, speaking from Isaiah 59-62

Ministering Angels
John and Gill describe how they have recently both (at separate times) experienced the work of angels ministering to them, to bring healing and peace. Amazing.  (Also includes Beth Cook's testimony)
Pete Davies 13 Jan 08
The Walk of Faith
On this first Sunday of the year Christen speaks about the living the life of faith.

Also this Sunday:
Christen Forster 06 Jan 08

Nothing will ever be the same again

Nothing was ever the same again for Mary, the Shepherds & Herod after Jesus came. How much will we allow Him to govern what we do in 2008?

Andy Read 23 Dec 07
In this advent season Andy encourages us to look forward beyond Christmas. Just as a baby has to grow up so we need to let God work in us to develop our character and giftings to maturity.

ALSO the dedication of Ashton Wilson, son of Max, and Geoff and Sheila's first grandchild.
Andy Read 16 Dec 07
Back to Extraordinary Basics
Dave exhorts us to live all out for God, telling many exciting stories and sharing his dreams of God's kingdom breaking in and Marlow being outrageously impacted by it.
Dave Jones 09 Dec 07
Stepping Stones to the Future
At this time of change for many of us (both individually and as a congregation) Andy outlines 6 steps to take us to what God has for us.
the associated slides are HERE
Andy Read 25 Nov 07

Communication with each other

Good communication within the church is essential. Pete speaks about various aspects of communication and some of the practical steps we can take to improve it


Report from Base Weekend Away

Inspiring report of last weekend's move of God.


(Sorry about the poor sound quality of these recordings).

Pete Davies





Dave Jones

Jack Mowll

Tay Southwood

18 Nov 07
Communication with God: a) the relevance for prayer of God being our Father and b) What God wants us to pray about Helen Davies 11 Nov 07

Living with Loss

Paul and Sarah talk about the journey they have been on for the last 6 years since their son Joshua died within just a few weeks of being diagnosed with a brain stem tumour.   Slideshow & photos HERE


Prayer for Deriazs

Various people pray for the Deriazs following the talk

Paul and Sarah Deriaz 04 Nov 07

Hearing from God

Di speaks from the bible and from her own experience about how God speaks to us, and how to put ourselves in a place where we can hear Him clearly

Di Chapman 28 Oct 07

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

Vicky encourages us to get excited by the fact that the kingdom of God is very near!

Vicky Earll 14 Oct 07

An open Heaven over England


Linda (from Bethel Church Redding CA) describes a dream given to a young person in Bethel last year which has significance for us in England now. Followed by ministry time.

Linda McIntosh 07 Oct 07

Dancing With The Trinity -  Historically God has been thought of as 'Unchanging' - but Chris explains how this isn't at all accurate. He speaks about God's dynamic nature and how we can 'dance' with the Trinity.


Praying Out Tom and Annette - We pray for Tom and Annette as they leave Marlow to take up leadership of the new Slough congregation.


Two new initiatives for 5-11s in Marlow are announced by Joel.


Christen Forster









Joel Rivers

30 Sep 07

Welcoming Joel Rivers and Hannah Bullen to the Marlow cong


Welcoming Pete and Helen Davies to the Marlow cong


How the finances work in River - how the money given to River is administered and on what basis budgets are set.


Reg's dream

Paul Wratten



Paul Wratten 


Ann Handford




Reg Robey

23 Sep 07


Speaking from Hebrews 11, Andy encourages us to ask the question "what haven't I seen yet?"


For the associated slides click HERE.



Jonny Keys: Si Sworn asks Jonny a few questions about his past year in the States.


About Alpha - Carol outlines the arrangements for Alpha this term.


Apologies for the slight distortion on these recordings.

Andy Read







Jonnie Keys



Carol Greenslade

09 Sep 07

Prayer for the Barnes family prior to their imminent departure for Nepal


Prayer for Roger Jameson and Jane van Renen, incl a word from Al about 'The Lion and the Lamb'


Prayer for Kate ahead of her return to her work overseas


About Hope 08, and our role in it in conjunction with the other Marlow Churches. The associated slide is HERE)


NB All files are only accessible if you are logged in, except the last one 

Various 02 Sep 07
Prayer for Stocks, Rosewarnes, Mick & Ceri:


Nigel and Jean share about the next stage of their Welsh adventure, followed by prayer from the congregation CLICK HERE


Prayer for Mick and Ceri before their wedding CLICK HERE


Prayer for Grant & Julie Rosewarne and family on their last Sunday before returning to Oz CLICK HERE


12 Aug 07


19 Aug 07

Walking in the Spirit

(Final part of fruit of the spirit series)


News about some imminent comings and goings

Christen Forster


Jane Davenport (& fiance Michael)

Dave Jones

Si Sworn

22 Jul 07

The Fruit of Patience

Jill Stonehill 15 Jul 07

The Fruit of Faithfulness


In this the second of our series on the Fruit of the Spirit, Geoff speaks about Faithfulness.


Associated slides

Geoff Wilson 08 Jul 07

The Fruit of The Spirit - intro

Stacey contrasts a life led by the Spirit with one led by Law. Do you need more of his fruit in your life?

Stacey Cook 01 Jul 07
Keep Telling Those Stories!

Di stresses the importance of passing on the stories of what God has done in the past, so that our heritage is not forgotten.
Di Chapman 24 Jun 07

Fathers' Day 07

Andy brings a Biblical perspective on 'What Should Fathers Do?'

Accompanying slides


'Father of the Fatherless' song

Andy Read





Chris Nelson

17 Jun 07
Confidence in the Church
Chris explains why we should have confidence in the church that Jesus has built. (associated slides)

Words for 2 people (requires login)

Andy Read gives a short account of his and Lina's world tour and the effect it's had on them.
Christen Forster 10 Jun 07
Seeing your Dreams Become Reality
Vicky encourages us to persevere in pursuing the dreams that God - the ultimate dreamer - has given to us.
Vicky Earll 20 May  07
Self Leadership
From John 15 Judith looks at how Jesus stayed close to his Father, and what this means for how we should approach our own relationship with God.
Judith Forster 13 May 07
Releasing the Flow of God's Power
Chris explains the absolute necessity of us growing into who we are supposed to be in the Lord - "The glory of the Lord has risen on you and the nations will come to your rising"
Chris Forster 06 May 07
Report back from India Trip
Linda, and other members of the team who recently visited Delhi to see the work of Asha, report on what they did and saw. We hear from both children and adults.

Lina and Andy's bit
About Lina's business Communicate-Ed and the charitable causes she supports through it. Then Andy describes the 3 week world tour he and Lina are shortly to undertake

Accompanying slideshow  (pdf):
Micro Enterprise      Centenary Tour
Linda Southwood and team

Lina Read
Andy Read
29 Apr 07

What's In Your Hand?   

Accompanying Slides

 Paul explains the difference between calling and purpose, contrasting 'what we do' with 'what we dream of doing'. He then encourages us to gain a fresh passion for what we do, even in situations where that's not easy.


Ministry time - individual files of words and prayer for:
Bruce   Chris   Caz   Karen   John&Stacey   Hazel   Mary

John   Nigel&Jean   Sid   Paul

Whole ministry time

Paul Milligan 22 Apr 07
Allowing God's Power To Flow

Drawing on a variety of bible passages, Bruce speaks about the power of God; of the Authority that we have been given by Him; and of the power of our words
Bruce Sandeman 15 Apr 07

Easter Sunday message - And Now the Good News


The Dedication of Kayleigh Grace Sandeman






Colin announces that he, Sadie and family will be going to Nepal to live for 10 months from Sept 07, and that Carol Greenslade will be taking over Alpha responsibilities.

Andy Read








Colin & Sadie Barnes

08 Apr 07



A Community that walks with God
Unfortunately this morning's talk wasn't recorded. However Andy gave the same message a couple of weeks ago in Maidenhead.
Andy shows us from Genesis to Revelation that God wants to be with us, He is with us and He always will be with us.
To view the accompanying slides CLICK HERE
Andy Read 01 Apr 07

Mothering Sunday part 1

Anthea reads a poem for those for whom Mothering Sunday is a reminder of loss. Then Gill speaks about some of the hats she has worn in her life.


Mothering Sunday part 2

Di speaks from Genesis about our common mother Eve and some of the lessons we can learn from her.

Anthea Wratten

Gill Sandeman




Di Chapman

18 Mar 07
God's Unconditional Love
Tom recounts the suffering that Jesus went through so that we could become members of God's family, and the incredible love that God has for us.
Tom Curtis 11 Mar 07
Your God is BIG!
Al encourages us with the message that our God is BIG - and he wants to talk to us.
Al Bullen 25 Feb 07
Experience God's Love
Andrew encourages us to experience in our heart (as opposed to just understanding in our head) God's incredible love, in all its fullness.

Praying for Kate
We hear about Kate's plans / need for a jeep, and then Julian Bullen leads us in praying for her, ahead of her leaving the UK on Wednesday next.

Andrew Southwood

18 Feb 07

Grace - God's Unconditional Love

Colin enthuses about the grace of God. Let's ensure we don't get 'trapped LDW' by Satan - in Law, Debt and Works.

Colin Barnes 11 Feb 07
Spending time with God
Kate talks about her work and some of the ways in which God has been preparing her to go back later this month

Kevin Maul introduces himself before talking about the help needed at the next Big Gathering. View the slideshow HERE (requires Acrobat Reader)

Commissioning Bruce
Andy Read leads prayer for Bruce as he is commissioned to join the Marlow leadership team.

Kevin Maul

04 Feb 07
Get the Message: about Success
Andy finishes off our current series by looking at success and barriers to achieving it.

John Cook shares about his current situation as a "worship & theology" student and is prayed for.
Andy Read 28 Jan 07

"You picked the wrong puppy this time"
A testimony of being healed from cancer - three times

Praying for Ian and Roger

About the Kairos course
Before you listen please watch the Kairos video HERE

Mara Klemich (guest)

Andrew Southwood
21 Jan 07
Get the Message: about Yourself
Part 2 of our series from Gideon. Don't disqualify yourself: God wants to work in and through you.
Andy Read 14 Jan 07