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BIG Year Sabbatical 2012-2013

Earlier this year the River leadership team were considering where to go next with the BIG Year.  We thanked God for the past 5 years and were praying about the future.  We highly value the course and have seen it bear much fruit in the lives of students - many of whom are now involved in leadership within River.  Having said that, we also noticed areas we’d very much hope to improve upon and seriously considered whether it might be the best option to have a break for a year.  This would be a kind of BIG Year "sabbatical" in which to make those improvements, as we recognised making them whilst delivering the course would be very demanding. 
We opted initially not to have a break, but in the event there were fewer people enrolling than we’d hoped, and even those who intended to enrol were wondering whether it might be better for them to do it next year.  Consequently, we have decided to give the BIG Year a sabbatical, a year in which we will give ourselves to improving it and relaunching in September 2013.  Please pray for wisdom and favour for the team as we work hard on this in the next 6 months.

Colin Barnes (Leader of River Church)

By February 2013 we will have details of our new training initiative, ready to begin in September 2103.
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The BIG Year is a year to grow in Character, Understanding and Spiritual Authority in order to release you into your full potential in Christ, through a mixture of regular in-depth teaching and study, specialised training courses, personal mentoring and practical ministry experience in a local church setting being based at River Church. 

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