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A New Season!

New Season Sunday - River Together, September 23rd

Altwood School, Maidenhead: 10.30am

River Together is the name we give to the Sunday mornings when all of the different churches of River Church combine in one venue. They are always important opportunities for us to express our unity under a common vision and set of values. In September this is even more important as we transition from one senior leader - Colin Barnes -  and team, to a new senior leadership team, headed by Ceri Davies. 

The changes were announced at a special church meeting held on 17th April 2018. Click here to listen to what was said, including prayer and prophetic words (website login required).

Every season of change is exciting and challenging. The River Together on Sunday September 23rd is a real milestone in our growth and development as a community of churches and we would warmly invite River Church members to make it a priority. If you are a guest, please feel free to join us and help us to celebrate all that has led us to this point, and look forward in prayerful anticipation to what lies ahead.

Watch Ceri talk about our next River Together meeting. A time to give thanks and honour God and those who have served River in the past; a time to look forward to the future together.

Simon Tempest, trustee and member of River Maidenhead, tells us why this isn't an every day event, and it is such a special River Together!

Happy Camper Colin is excited about the future of River and is looking forward to what God will bring. Watch his invitation to come together on Sunday 23rd September and ask God for his blessing in this new Season!

And this week, Billy Kennedy, Leader of Pioneer Network is looking forward to being with us and thanking God for his faithfulness over the past season.

This is a big moment in the life of any church! The River Together meeting on the 23rd September is a glorious opportunity for the whole of River to come and pray together; give God thanks together and ask for his blessing in this new season!
Watch our leaders getting excited about the day.

Let's celebrate a New Season!

The time has come for our special River Together on Sunday, 23rd September, Altwood School. Together as a church, we want to celebrate what God has done in River through its history, honour our past and thank Colin for all he's done as well as releasing Ceri into this new season.
As Pete would say, be there or be square!