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Let's encounter and reveal the Jesus of the Bible, together.

From Monday January 8th to Friday March 30th, we are encouraging you to commit to spending 10 minutes, 5 days-per-week, reading and reflecting on specific chapters of the New Testament.

Details of the Bible readings can be found in our downloadable booklet. We will also send out weekly email reminders with that week's readings. 

Introducing the 6 P’s

To help you reflect, meditate, and digest the verses you’re reading, why not spend a few minutes putting into practice one or more of the 6 P’s of Bible study: 
  1. PICTURE IT! Visualise the scene in your mind. Imagine being there and hearing these words first-hand.
  2. PRONOUNCE IT! Say the verse aloud, each time emphasising a different word.
  3. PARAPHRASE IT! Rewrite the verse in your own words, as if written specifically for you.
  4. PERSONALISE IT! Replace the pronouns or people in the verse with your own name.
  5. PRAY IT! Turn the verse into a prayer and say it back to God.
  6. PROBE IT! Ask the Lord what he wants to say specifically to you through this verse, and spend time listening to Him.