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"Our mission states that we aim to see our communities impacted by the love and power of God; we've started to serve our towns in some great ways in recent years, but to see a real breakthrough, we need a breakthrough in ourselves.  The truth is that it's transformed people who transform their communities."

"That's why we are creating a culture of discipleship, providing pathways for each of us to grow up as sons of God as we follow Christ.  That's why we also love to worship together, because as we spend time looking to Him we are drawn to become more like Him."

"One vital area of growth is character, but that can be a difficult area for us to receive help... As leaders we have found HeartLife to provide a helpful language and framework for examining our hearts and seeing transformation.  We believe it will bless you too, so are seeking to adopt HeartLife in our churches. The good news is that the Lord will finish the work He's begun of forming Christ in us!"

In the video below our good friend Stephen Klemich explains what it's all about.