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Every day we handle money, but we don't always know exactly what's going on. At the end of the week, do you know how much you have to spend? Going on a CAP Money Course will help you get in control of your money. Budget. Save. Spend. 

What is a CAP Money Course?
The CAP Money Course is a free to attend course designed to help you manage your money better. You will learn the basic principles of budgeting and how to live within your means, as well as some broader principles that will help you in life.

Would you like to:
  • Get in control of your money, rather than it control you
  • Avoid unnecessary debt, and reduce debt that you have
  • Reduce the likelihood of unexpected bills
Come on this free 3-session course
  • It's confidential - you don't need to share any numbers
  • It's informal and enjoyable
  • There is no hard-sell at the end (there is nothing to sell!)
  • It's not in any way 'religious'
  • You can leave after one session  if you decide it's not for you
  • You will be part of a group of up to 20 people and there will be speakers as well as group discussion. If you are married / living with a partner you will get the most from the course if both of you attend.
Who runs the course?
The Money Course is hosted by accredited Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Money Coaches from River Church Marlow.

The course will be run over three sessions; Mondays 22nd and 29th February, and 7th March, from 7.30-9.30pm on each occasion.

MCF Community Church building, which is on the site of Foxes Piece School, Newfield Road, Marlow SL7 1JW. See location on Google maps.

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