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2 Jesus theme

What's so good about Jesus?...

Jesus Christ is the absolute centre point of our faith, and therefore we are excited to be exploring His stunning life, teachings, what He stood for, and all that He modelled to humanity.

Over the coming months starting in late January our talks will be entitled:
  • Being the hands and feet of Jesus
  • Jesus in the Old Testament
  • Jesus the Messiah
  • Jesus the Revelation of the Father
  • Jesus the Champion of the poor
  • Jesus the Healer
  • Jesus the Story Teller
  • Jesus and money
  • Jesus and political powers
  • Jesus and the Kingdom of God
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • The Resurrection
  • The Commission of Jesus
  • The Mystery of Christ in you
Click here to listen if you've missed any of the talks given up to this point.