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WhyCome - Reaching out to the Homeless

Wycombe District Council estimates that in the Town area there are approximately 8 rough sleepers, 240 sofa surfers (have temporary beds with friends) and an uncertain number of people living in “beds in sheds”. There are also 87 people living in temporary accommodation provided by the Council, including those escaping domestic abuse.

WhyCome was started 7 years ago by Robert Layman and a small group of Christians in High Wycombe who were joined by River Volunteers about 5 years ago. The River team has grown to a committed group of 10 people, cooking and serving food, distributing cans of food and clothing for clients to take away, and talking and praying with the 50 or so people who come each month. We meet at the Wesley Methodist Church Hall in Priory Road, High Wycombe on the last Saturday of the month from 12:30 to 14:30.
Date of next Whycome:
Saturday 27 October
12:30pmWhycome - supporting the... @ Wesley Methodist Church Hall, Priory Road, High Wycombe

Addressing the needs of the homeless is a Big Society project with a number of very committed Agencies and individuals getting involved in different projects. It’s like a jigsaw where each group helps to make up the full picture. River represents the “in your face Christian” piece. We are focused on transformation rather than maintenance, we have a worshiper playing music during the lunches and we share and pray with anyone who asks for help.

When we reach out and help the poor we believe it changes something in us. It’s not just that we have spent time thinking about the poor but we have spent time thinking about what God thinks about the poor, and so our actions are an act of worship to Him. There are 300 references in the Bible concerning the poor and social justice. Isaiah 58 v6 explains God’s view on the subject and Galatians 2 v10 the view of the apostles and the early church. It’s a worthwhile bible study which we encourage you to undertake.

We are happy for anyone who wants to identify with what we are doing to join us or to donate prayer time, clothing or food to the project. Please contact John Richards if you are interested in getting involved.

Various local press articles from over the years: