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Freedom in Christ

The Bible makes it clear that, because of what Jesus has done for us, we are “new creations in Christ”. Knowing that we are now children of God, who can come boldly into His presence without any condemnation at all, can change everything for us.

And yet, so often, we can feel that we are simply acting like a Christian. We are managing to do and say the right things but don't see a real fruitfulness in our relationship with God. We can find ourselves constantly requiring help with the same old issues or feeling like we are just drifting along.

The Freedom in Christ course helps people grasp all that happened when they made a decision to follow God: who we are “in Christ”; the truth of God's unconditional love for us; why there is no condemnation ever for us; why we don't have to languish in unhelpful behaviour cycles, negative thinking and hopelessness.

This course is straightforward, gentle and kind, and a must for any Christian.

If you are interested in hearing more please contact Elaine Jones.