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Audio & Video Downloads

We are delighted to be able to offer a huge number of audio files for download: all the recordings of teaching from both congregational meetings and whole church gatherings since 2004 are available.


The stored media files can be browsed or searched by accessing the main media library. Alternatively you may wish to use these links:

Or check out the videos on:
Most Recently Published 'Public' Audio And Video
Trusting in the Promises and Provision of God (JY) (download)
John shares about the importance of positioning ourselves to engage with God and other people in church community.
John Brannan, 18/02/2018
The Journey: New Leadership Announcement (JY) (download)
Pete Gadsdon is announced at the new leader of The Journey, taking over from Vicky Earll in September 2018.
Various, 27/01/2018
The Lord’s Prayer (SL) (download)
Elizabeth guides us through The Lord’s Prayer as a framework for praying.
Elizabeth Chudley, 18/02/2018
I am the Good Shepherd (MW) (download)
Andy speaks about Jesus the Good Shepherd, who guides, provides and protects.
Andy Read, 18/02/2018
Time to pray (SL) (download)
Children of God gives us the privilege of partnering with Him in bringing His Kingdom starting with prayer. Looking at 2 Chronicles 7:12-15 we look at how we enter into that place of prayer.
ian Moody, 11/02/2018
Fuelled By Prayer (JY) (download)
Tom Tora, Rachael Pymm, Richard Emmett and Emily Smith each share some of their own experiences and thoughts on how we can live fuelled by prayer.
Collaboration, 11/02/2018
Father God (JY) (download)
Vicky shares about the story of the prodigal son and what this teaches us about God as Father.
Vicky Earll, 04/02/2018
Race for a Crown (MH) (download)
Mike brings an inspiring message referring to 1 Corinthians, 5 to 9 where in chapter 9, Paul uses the analogy of running a race to describe the Christian life. It is like running a marathon, a long distance race that requires preparation and endurance to win a crown of righteousness that will last forever.
Mike Holt, 11/02/2018
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