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Talks from Slough Meetings - 2018

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Slough Sunday meetings. To download a file, right-click the relevant link and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' 
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Original Blessing     Listen     Download

Ian discusses the original blessing of Genesis 1 and what it means for us today.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
09 Sep 18
My Christian Expedition     Listen     Download

Mary's testimony of a lifetime of searching for God"
Mary Porter
Mary Porter 2018
02 Sep 18
What Do You See?     Listen     Download

From blind Bartimaeus' encounter with Jesus, and from Abraham's call, Debbie encourages us to commit everything to Jesus; He promises to give us everything we see for the Kingdom and for our lives.
Debbie Tran
Debbie Tran
26 Aug 18
What is your portion     Listen     Download

Preaching from her life experience of growing up as a Christian in Vietnam, Debbie challenges us not to settle for less but to believe God for everything and more. As we surrender and put obedience and His Kingdom before all things, God will do amazing things for us. We are to have the courage to arise and move forward.
Debbie Tran
Debbie Tran
12 Aug 18
Facing our challenges   Listen     Download

When Jehoshaphat was faced with the armies of the Moabites, Meunites, and Ammonites, God delivered them.
(2 chronicles chapter 20. Verses 1-30)
Elizabeth Chudley
Elizabeth Chudley
29 Jul 18
Works of The Holy Spirit     Listen     Download

Mary takes a look at some of the functions and activities of the Holy Spirt
Mary Porter
Mary Porter 2018
22 Jul 18
Holy Spirit and the Bible     Listen     Download

Ian talks about the importance of soaking in the scriptures daily and to allow the Spirit if God to bring His word alive since all of Scripture is God breathed
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
15 Jul 18
Ezekiel 47 God's Picture of Life     Listen     Download

Ian shares from Ezekiel 47:1-12 his prophetic picture being God's purposes for His church, Jn7:37,38 Jesus application, and looks at what it means to believe
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
1 Jul 18
christians against poverty     Listen     Download

Andrew shares with us the ministry of Christians Against Poverty, and the impact the ministry is having throughout the UK among the poorest of the poor, giving hope, freedom and salvation to many.
Andrew Green
Andrew green
24 Jun 18
Sanctuary     Listen     Download

Mary takes a look at how we can carry the Sanctuary of God out of the building and take the Presence of God to the people.
Mary Porter
Mary Porter 2018
17 Jun 18
It's Time To Begin     Listen     Download

It's time to begin Our inheritance.
George Port
George Port
10 Jun 18
Acts 10 - Two men and the Holy Spirit     Listen     Download

We look at how the Holy Spirit worked through Cornelius and Peter to bring about salvation and transformation.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
03 Jun 18
Let Hope Arise     Listen     Download

As believers we are equipped to live a life of hope through the Holy Spirit who is a guarantee that all of God's promises will come to pass. None of our hopes will be put to shame because of God's love which has been poured into us. 
Flavia Ghouri
Flavia Ghouri 2018
20 May 18
Arise and Shine     Listen     Download

Ian examines Matt 5:14-16 and how through being motivated by the promises of God we can be emboldened to be the lights Jesus has made us to be, through simple acts of love.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
13 May 18
The Gifts of the Father     Listen     Download

Graeme explores afresh what God the Father has given us, and which He wants us to share with others.
Graeme MacRobb
Canon Graeme MacRobb 1
06 May 18
Boldly I Approach the Throne     Listen     Download

Exploring the majesty and awe of Jesus through the book of Hebrews, and the practical implications for our lives today (Sorry for poor recording quality)
Simon Tempest
Simon Tempest
29 Apr 18
What now     Listen     Download     Slides

What has God been saying to the Slough Church over the past few years? What is He saying now? How can we respond?
Peter Oboyle
Peter O'Boyle
15 Apr 18
Do not discount yourself     Listen     Download

Do not discount yourself Jesus hasn't discounted you.
Juliet Ioakeim
Juliet Ioakeim
25 Mar 18
Journey to the Cross, Part 2 - For Our Sins     Listen     Download

Jesus said His blood would be “poured out for the forgiveness of sins”, but what does that mean? Colin explains how Jesus’ death sets us free from everything that hinders fulfilling the destiny for which God made us.
Colin Barnes
11 Mar 18
Journey to the Cross - Part I     Listen     Download

It is clear Jesus was focussed on confronting the religious hierarchy and dying in Jerusalem. How did He come to the conclusion that this was the mission that His Father wanted Him to accomplish? And why?
Colin Barnes
04 Mar 18
Give Up and Pray Down     Listen     Download

Mary takes a Biblical look at Prayer and Fasting
Mary Porter
Mary Porter 2018
25 Feb 18
The Lord’s Prayer      Listen     Download
Elizabeth guides us through The Lord’s Prayer as a framework for praying.
Elizabeth Chudley
Elizabeth Chudley
18 Feb 18
Time to pray     Listen     Download

Children of God gives us the privilege of partnering with Him in bringing His Kingdom starting with prayer. Looking at 2 Chronicles 7:12-15 we look at how we enter into that place of prayer.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
11 Feb 18
Dorothy shares parts of her life story     Listen     Download

As Dorothy shares parts of her life story, she urges us to keep looking forward and keep our focus on God not our surroundings, and not to let distractions stop us from engaging fully with what God has waiting for us.
Dorothy Basham
04 Feb 18
Loving the commands and discipline of the Lord     Listen     Download

Psalm 119:35 asks the Lord to make us walk along the path of His commands for that is where our happiness is found. True joy comes from living life according to the commands of the Lord and His grace enables us to do this so that we can live a life worthy of His calling (Eph 4:1).
Flavia Ghouri
Flavia Ghouri 2018
28 Jan 18
Our relationship to the past and future affects our mission in the present     Listen     Download

Now is all we have to act and do anything in the Kingdom. Things in the past hinder us and fear of the future paralyses us from being effective now. We look at how what God has done for us and promised us overcomes those obstacles.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
21 Jan 18
Don’t despise days of small beginnings     Listen     Download

From Zechariah 4:6 we are encouraged to be excited and thankful for what we have achieved, and reconcile that The Spirit of God is with us as we press on to build on what we have started.
Ian Moody
Ian Moody
07 Jan 18