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Good News!

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Hazel's story - God's intervention through a difficult pregnancy
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Karina writes:

A week after arriving in Mexico to visit my friends and family, I went to see the doctor (gynaecologist) for a general check up as I do every year. He decided to do an ultrasound and I was shocked to find out that there was a growth on my left ovary. To further explore, the doctor decided it would be best to carry out some more specific tests.

For medical reasons I had to wait nearly a month before the tests were done, which gave me the opportunity to ask a number of people to pray for me; not many, because I felt this could be a testimony, so I waited until the end before sharing it. It wasn't easy to keep my faith strong and solid because of many factors, such as science facts, people's opinions, the enemy's attacks and above all my own mind. However it was amazing how some people were able to lift my faith and hope, like my partner Jonny sending me verses of encouragement every day, and a real feeling from God that He was already healing me.

The results of the tests confirmed that there was a tumour, not a malicious one, but it still needed removing through an operation. It's important to mention that one of my biggest fears is anything related to hospitals, and even though I knew God can use medicine and science to heal, He knows my heart and knew that I really didn't want an operation. Throughout the next week I went to my church in Mexico, where we prayed very strongly, declaring health over my body and mind and that there would be no need for an operation.

I went to see the doctor again to arrange the date for the operation, even though I was sure that I was healed. Looking at the test results on the doctor's desk, I decided to ask him if we could do one more ultrasound just to make sure. The doctor agreed so I went to get ready and I remember telling Jesus; "This is your last chance, I trust you...".

So then we did the test.  The result: NO TUMOUR, NO GROWTH, NOTHING!  The doctor didn't have an explanation, but I did: FAITH.

Karina, 14/02/2015

Rebecca writes: 

It's been a really tough time lately for myself and my husband Ish. I had a car accident 7 years ago and had quite serious injuries, including multiple breaks to my pelvis. Since having my little girl Charlotte in July 2011 I've been having ongoing problems and terrible pain, which has got to the point of being debilitating. Trying to look after a very energetic toddler, with a husband who works long shifts hasn't helped. It has seemed like a very dark time.

But my good news story is that I have seen the goodness of God every day. In the smallest of things, such as a friend texting to ask if I need help taking Charlotte out, to someone offering to help out with physio and hospital appointments. I feel that God has surrounded me with amazing medical professionals who have been on my case and determined to find out the cause of and best treatment for my difficulties. Me and Ish have been able to laugh with friends, received advice and prayer. We have been able to be totally honest with how tough it is, yet we are so aware of God's presence with us every step of the way. Over recent months we have seen small breakthroughs and each has seemed very significant. But what has struck us the most is the continuity of knowing God is so close at hand, that He has promised to never leave us. And, as Tim Vine says with the poem of footprints, "God, when there was only one set of prints, where were you?": "My child, it was then that I thought it would be fun to hop!" 

Rebecca, 28/05/2013

Tim's testimony:

One morning recently I was alone in the house and getting ready to go to work. I noticed an odd feeling in my right thumb whilst making breakfast and all up my right arm. Then when shaving I noticed the right side of my face was numb, like I'd been to the dentist and had an injection. Then in the shower I realised I couldn't feel the water on the right side of my back, and I realised I needed to act. So I jumped out of the shower and dialled 111 for advice. They dispatched an ambulance immediately and asked me to stay on the line.

The paramedic arrived within 5 minutes and said he thought I had had a TIA (mini stroke) and needed to see my GP as soon as possible.

I was then referred to the Stroke Unit at my local hospital where the Specialist did lots of tests and declared he could see no evidence of a TIA, but he could see a dark shadow at the back of my eye which he thought could indicate swelling of the brain. He said I needed an MRI scan urgently. But the NHS couldn't give me an appointment for two weeks.

At this stage my life was thrown into disarray and I became very worried about my future and was picturing my children having to cope with losing their father at such an early age. So I contacted as many people as possible and asked them to pray.

Thankfully the company I work for has private health cover and I was able to get an earlier date for my scan, and saw a private Neurologist who said he could see no evidence of any brain swelling or a TIA, and there was nothing wrong with my scan either.

To me this was a real answer to prayer and I was so grateful to everyone who was praying for me. I thank God for giving me a new lease of life.

Tim, 28/05/2013