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Give As You Earn / Payroll Giving
It is possible to have giving taken directly from your salary before tax is deducted.  You would need to check if your employer can operate this system.  This type of giving is done through a third party such as Sovereign Giving or Charities Aid Foundation.  They deduct a small handling charge (2.5% - 4% which is sometimes covered by your employer) but it is still efficient because the tax hasn’t been deducted.  Until April 2004 the government added an extra 10% for nothing but this has now been stopped.  Some employers also operate some form of ‘matching’ against their employees’ giving.  Packs from Sovereign Giving and Charities Aid Foundation are available in River Meetings and from the Church Office.

Charity Voucher/Cheque Accounts
Stewardship Services, Sovereign Giving and Charities Aid Foundation operate special ‘charity voucher/cheque’ accounts.  An individual gives to the Agency who claims any Gift Aid tax due as well.  The money is held in a ‘pseudo bank account’ and the individual can set up regular standing orders in favour of River or write ‘pseudo cheques/vouchers’ on a one off basis.  The third party takes a small handling fee.(2.5% - 4%).

Since tax is already included in the Payroll Giving or Charity Cheque/ Voucher Accounts, there is no further tax to be reclaimed by River.