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John S's Story

Many years ago I had an experience that transformed my life. Looking back I have realised that to suddenly find Jesus in your life can be a shock, others I know have come to know Him in a much more considered and gentle way. What Happened?

Somehow I managed to get my business life into a real mess. Without going into detail and possibly embarrassing certain people and as a result of my ill considered involvement, I was faced with the possibility of being separated from my wife and young children, also I could lose my job. I felt totally unable to deal with the circumstances and did not know anyone who could help me. So I went to the doctor and what he prescribed did not help. I became desperate and went to see a local priest, who prayed with me and gave me a lovely book of prayers by Michel Quoist; it did not help. The panic and fear would not leave me.

At this time my wife had been going to friends once a week to a prayer meeting. She received a phone call from one of her friends suggesting that I should go for “Christian Healing Ministry”. Against my own reasoning I agreed to go and a time was set for the following Sunday. On the Saturday before, fear and panic set in to an extent that was just downright horrible, I went out that evening determined to get drunk and allay the fear; guess what? I stayed completely sober, the alcohol had absolutely no effect. The Sunday arrived and Gill, my wife, and I set off to meet the man with the healing ministry who was staying with friends in Marlow. When we arrived at the front door of the house I was physically shaking with fear, expecting at the least a man in black clothes with a dog collar and thinking I would have to experience some form of exorcism. We were met by two men in casual clothes who gave us a very warm welcome, they were Bob Woollard and Trevor Martin. Whilst we were sitting & talking I found I just wanted to tell them everything I had ever done wrong in my life, I just needed to get rid of it all and throw it away. Well they sent the ladies to the kitchen and then they began to pray for me and I ended up on the floor in tears, all the things I had ever hated doing poured out. Then they asked me if I wished to say sorry to Jesus for all those wrong things and receive Jesus into my life? I found myself saying yes and I started speaking in a strange language“they call it tongues”, warm oil appeared to be flowing all over my body and absolute peace descended into me, the walls of the room seemed to disappear and a soft Gold light filled the whole area, there seemed to be a great number of people standing in this gold light and somehow I knew everyone one of them as if there was a bond of love and friendship that could not be broken between us.

The next few days were amazing, wherever I went I saw people with a gold aura about them or a grey one. Those with the gold aura belonged to Jesus and I could speak to them with ease. Those with a grey aura had yet to find peace.

And as the years have rolled by I have met many of His friends. I could never turn my back on Jesus, for what he has done for me is amazing. And he can do it for you if you ask. To me, Jesus has become my salvation, my King of Kings, my Lord of Lords, my friend and my hope. I could not live without Him.