Riverkids are groovers / Great little movers
            Riverkids are funky / Gorgeous and hunky
            Riverkids are cool / So cool that we're hot
            And riverkids are awesome / What a great lot!
1.         We have learnt a secret  / So can you
            We are loved by God / He loves you too
            It's a good reason to celebrate
            So get up on your feet / And give me ... eight !
2.         Wiggle your fingers / Wiggle your toes
            Wiggle your bum / Draw circles with your nose
            Come on let's twist and shout / And throw ourselves all about
            Jiggle your shoulders / Jiggle your hair
            Jiggle your hips and Leap into the air
            Come on let's twist and shout / And throw ourselves all about
            Come on let's rock and roll / And praise God with body and soul
3.         We're going to lift our hands in worship
            And give glory to the King
            His love makes us dance for joy
            And His love makes us sing
(Repeat 1)
(Repeat 2)
(Repeat 3)
(Repeat 1)
(Repeat 2)
(Repeat Chorus)

Sheila Wilson Copyright © (C) 2006 redhead music ltd

Sheila Wilson, 28/07/2006