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The Ignite Team

Colin Barnes and Di Chapman are responsible for the running of IGNITE and form the CORE TEAM. So, if you have any questions, problems or concerns please speak to them first.
ColinColin Barnes is the leader of River Church. He was saved as a young man when a friend bought him a Bible and after reading the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, he cried out to the God who might be there and found He treats people better than they deserve. That was the beginning of discovering that God is love. Since then he has enjoyed telling others this wonderful news and helping them find joy through faith in Christ. Before leading River, he spent a year on mission in Nepal with his family, setting up a Bible training centre in the foothills of the Himalayas to train leaders for a network of 100s of churches. The apostles of that region said his teaching brought revival to their people. He is married to Sadie, has three children and enjoys camping and walking in high places.
DiDi Chapman has 20 years experience of training and speaking in a Christian context and leading in schools of ministry in the UK and Uganda. She is on the leadership team of River Church Slough, on River Church's mission team and has an MA in Mission. She has authored two books on Revival History and is passionate about everyone understanding the amazing Christian heritage that is ours in Britain. As well as overseeing the curriculum and the students' church service, Di will be a speaker on IGNITE.