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Delivered from depression

I have recently moved into the Maidenhead area with my husband and two boys.  There seems to be alot of coming and goings in the area as people change jobs - but for us this was the 17th house move in 18 years.  As moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do, you can imagine how our stress levels have soared at times. On top of the moving I have suffered from bouts of depression, partly brought on by the emotional bereavement that so many moves brings. I didn't suffer from postnatal depression, more like mid-toddler depression!  I believed in God and that somehow made me feel even more guilty about being depressed, not only was I struggling with motherhood and being a good wife, but I was struggling with being a good Christian too.

My husband has had several postings into dangerous places and that has meant being left behind with the children for 6 months at a time.  We were about to face another of these separations and I went along to church one Sunday morning and prayer was being offered for those who were depressed or who were afraid of depression.  I was amazed, and relieved at the number of people who felt like me. I was prayed for that day, and it felt like the start of a rainbow in the midst of my rainstorm, and I had a great peace.  Over the next few days I felt the darkness lift off me and I knew Jesus was close to me and strengthening me, even the fear fell away. 

Since then we have faced two more separations but the depression has not returned.  I know that the presence of God has helped and strengthened me through all these times.  It hasn't all been easy but it has been 'normal' ups and downs not that awful crushing darkness upon me.  Jesus has definitely been my light in a dark place.