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Slough teaching Archive (Oct 08 - Jul 11)

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Slough congregation meetings. To download a file, right-click the relevant link and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' 


(If you want to view the catalogue of Slough talks prior to 19th September 2008 click here)




Philippians, a letter to friends     Listen     Download     View Slides


Tom Curtis's last preach as leader of the congregation skips through some amusing slides and draws out some practical but very spiritual advice for the future. Apologies for the very poor quality of the recording, but the slides say it all...!

Tom CurtisTom Curtis

31 Jul 11

Accessing Heaven's Resources     Listen     Download


Florence explains how we can access Heaven's resources by pursuing God's presence, taking steps of obedience, opening the prophetic gates of the city and fighting for our inheritance.


Florence PetersFlorence Peters

24 Jul 11

Seasons     Listen     Download


Di comments on the changing seasons in our life and in our congregation, and encourages us to believe God's word - a new joy is coming.


Di Chapmanjavascript:linkToImage(527940)

17 Jul 11

Authentic Fellowship/Cultivating Community     Listen     Download


Knowing our identity in God enables us to be transparent and take risks in our relationships, and enables us to reflect more of the love of Jesus into our community.

Kerry ForsterKerry Forster

03 Jul 11

Knowledge of the love of God     Listen     Download


Dave Jones speaks from Ephesians 3 about walking and living in a knowledge of the love of God.



Dave JonesDave Jones

26 Jun 11

Why Not Here?     Listen     Download


Di asks if we know what day we are living in and encourages us to live in revival mode; drinking the new wine and having our eyes and ears open to all that God is doing today.


Di Chapmanjavascript:linkToImage(527940)

19 Jun 11

Leadership changes in Slough     Listen     Download


Tom & Annette are returning to Marlow, and Kerry Forster is taking River Slough into the new season. Apologies that Colin's introduction is missing, but there's still lots to listen to.

VariousSlough Teaching

12 Jun 11

Slough Testimonies     Listen     Download     View slides


Di Chapman gives a report on the 2011 Big Year Mission to Nepal and a plug for the 2011/2 Big Year plus testimonies from members of the Slough Congregation, Patricia Elliott; Tom Curtis; Flavia Ghouri; Florine Ghouri; Elizabeth Chudley and Mary Porter.

Di Chapman and othersjavascript:linkToImage(527940)

05 Jun 11

Christ in you, The Hope of Glory     Listen     Download


Christen explores how we release the Image of God in us, by co-operating with the Holy Spirit to reclaim our history as testimony.


Christen ForsterChristen Forster

22 May 11

Keys to Revival     Listen     Download


Kelly  tells us the time is near and gives some helpful pointers to our stepping into our inheritance in Slough.

Kelly BrannanKelly Brannan

15 May 11

Water from the ancient well     Listen     Download


Tom brings out some thought-provoking aspects of the unnamed woman that Jesus met at the well, and encourages us all to drink of the water of the Word by following the E100 Bible reading plan.

Tom CurtisTom Curtis

01 May 11

It's Resurrection Day     Listen     Download


Christen shares some prophetic seeds at River Slough's Easter meeting with the Every Nation and Peace for all Nations churches.


Christen ForsterChristen Forster

24 Apr 11

Touching and being touched by Jesus     Listen     Download


Dianne speaks from her own testimony about Shame, Joy, Complaining and Marriage....and sits on a few people's laps!

Dianne PaulDianne Paul 1

10 Apr 11

Intimacy With God     Listen     Download


Dave speaks about having  Intimacy with God.

Dave JonesDave Jones

03 Apr 11

Following the River     Listen     Download


Dr. Francis talks about the difference between the supernatural and the natural realm and the importance of listening to Jesus and being R.E.A.L


Francis AgbanaDr Francis Agbana

27 Mar 11

What to do when the earth shakes     Listen     Download


Terry looks at how believers need to respond to current world events and the call that we have to be God's Universal Search & Rescue Team.  ( Hebrews 12:25-29 )  


Terry MurphyTerry Murphy

20 Mar 11

God's DNA in us     Listen     Download       You Tube clip


Andy speaks about God's DNA in us.

Andy ReadAndy Read

06 Mar 11

Money, Wealth & Possessions     Listen     Download


Andrew Southwood opens the scriptures to reveal that the fruit of our repentance is shown by our attitude to money, wealth and possessions, and encourages us to be holistically generous. No one can ever take away from us that which we’ve already given away!


Andrew SouthwoodAndrew Southwood

27 Feb 11

Feasting on the goodness of God     Listen     Download


Vicky encourages us from Psalm 103 to reflect on who God is, and to feast on his goodness.


Vicky EarllVicky Earll

20 Feb 11

Slough Testimonies     Listen     Download

NOTE this recording available only logged-in River church members


Personal testimonies and news updates from Malcolm Forster, Annette Curtis, Patricia Elliott, Terry Murphy, Di Chapman, Elizabeth Chudley and Mandy Stevens.


Various 13 Feb 11

Going For Gold     Listen     Download     View slides

Colin Barnes talks about the River Church values: Goodness, Openness, Love and Dynamic power.

Colin BarnesColin Barnes

06 Feb 11

Let My People Go     Listen     Download     View slides


Di reports on her visit to our missionaries Andy & Val Simcock in Thailand, and then speaks about the challenge of materialism and answering the call to mission which is on everyone’s life.

Di Chapman

30 Jan 11

Preach The Gospel     Listen     Download


As God works in people we need to carry and spread the Gospel. (Apologies that the first 6 minutes of the talk were not recorded)

Christen ForsterChristen Forster-

23 Jan 11

The New Testament priest     Listen     Download


Dave speaks about the New Testament Priest and how this relates to Jesus in our lives.


Dave JonesDave Jones

12 Dec 10

We are the Salt of this world     Listen     Download     View slides


Noelia speaks on "We are the Salt of this world" and how it relates to God in our lives


Noelia GhouriNoelia Ghouri

28 Nov 10

Testimonies     Listen     Download


Follow up to the Prayer of Jabez (see recording Tom Curtis, 31 Oct 10) with brief testimonies from Tom Curtis, Mary Porter, Kerry Forster, Florence Peters, Elizabeth Chudley, Olivia Hodgekins followed by a prayer request from Mike Francis on behalf of Henry Skelley.

Various 21 Nov 10

Harvest Now     Listen     Download 


Vicky encourages us that God is at work and now is the time of harvest – and not just in Slough. Pray for workers, prophesy to the dry bones and let’s get the harvest in.

Vicky EarllVicky Earll

14 Nov 10

An Affair Of The Heart     Listen     Download


Mandy takes a fresh and creative look at God's heart of love and what it has cost Him to welcome us to His world.

Mandy StevensMandy

07 Nov 10

Prayer of Jabez     Listen     Download


Tom speaks about such a simple prayer - bless me, increase my territory, may your hand be upon me and keep me free from temptation - but it’s a prayer that God loves to answer.

Tom CurtisTom

31 Oct 10

Wells of Life     Listen     Download


Drawing on her job and personal testimony, Kerry tells us that we can be a well that people in our own communities can draw on.

Kerry ForsterKerry Forster

24 Oct 10

Forward by Faith     Listen     Download


Christen brings a word to encourage the Slough Congregation as a group and as individuals to step forward into the word of God over us; to seek the Father for a Word in every situation, and release heaven by leaning into it.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

17 Oct 10

The Anointing     Listen     Download


Mary Porter takes an in-depth look at the anointing - what it is and why we need it.

Mary PorterMary Porter

10 Oct 10

Fix your eyes upon Jesus     Listen     Download


Andy speaks on fix your eyes upon Jesus - running the race and finishing well.

Andy ReadAndy Read

03 Oct 10

Entering into the glorious freedom     Listen     Download


Colin speaks on entering into 'the glorious freedom of the sons of God'.


Colin BarnesColin Barnes

19 Sep 10

Slough Vision     Listen     Download


Tom considers the six aspects of the Slough vision statement - relational, multi-cultural, united, presence of God and transformation (both personal and community) - and how we can cooperate with God to build His church.

Tom CurtisTom

12 Sep 10

The Kairos Course      Listen     Download


Diana introduces The Kairos Course, an interactive course on world Christian mission. See also


Diana Chapmanjavascript:linkToImage(527940)

05 Sep 10

Encouragement     Listen     Download


Do not be anxious! Christen speaks out of his recent testimony and encourages us to break out of a victim mentality, reach out to God and to bless others.


Christen ForsterChristen Forster

25 Jul 10

A Can Do, Will Do Church     Listen     Download



Florence speaks on the four C's of Compassion, Concern, Confession and Courage

Florence PetersFlorence Peters

18 Jul 10

Mission is not Optional     Listen     Download


Speaking from 1Jn1:6 Evangelist and Slough Church Leader Godly John encourages us to consider why God has called us and how we are responding to the responsibility that He has given us in these last days.

Godly JohnGodly John 110710

11 Jul 10

Keeping it Simple     Listen     Download


Susan brings an encouraging word from the scriptures and from personal testimony about how God has given us everything and how we can step into our inheritance by ‘Keeping it simple’.

Susan ExelbySue Exelby

04 Jul 10

Missions Mozambique 2010     Listen     Download     View slides


An update from Julian & Annie about Mozambique.


 Watch 'Island Flame' video (River members only)

Julian & Annie BullenJulian and Annie Bullen

20 Jun 10

The Holy Spirit     Listen     Download


Dave speaks on The Holy Spirit.

Dave JonesDave Jones

13 Jun 10

Missions Slough 2010     Listen     Download     View  slides



Flavia Ghouri shares about her time in Sierra Leone on the BIG Year Mission trip.

Flavia GhouriFlavia Ghouri

06 Jun 10

Fruitfulness     Listen     Download


We are destined for fruitfulness, but it's not always easy! Judith gives us some spiritual pointers that she draws from the very practical skills of vineculture.

Judith ForsterJudith Forster

30 May 10

If the Son sets you free...     Listen     Download


Colin reviews the world's view of freedom and contrasts it to the true freedom that Jesus won for us.

Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
23 May 10

Four things the Spirit is saying to the church     Listen     Download


In this joint meeting of the Maidenhead and Slough congregations Jim speaks of four key things that the Spirit is saying to our church (interspersed with prophetic ministry to various people). 


Click Jim's picture for a mini-bio.

Jim Paul

16 May 10

Who & what do we allow to influence us?     Listen     Download


Ernie Catalano, speaking from Acts 4:13, challenges us about who and what we allow to influence our lives.


 Ernie CatalanoErnie Catalano

09 May 10

Presence, People and Programmes     Listen     Download

Speaking from Act 1:1-8 Andy encourages us with the two promises from verse 8: We shall receive power and we shall be witnesses.


Andy ReadAndy Read

25 Apr 10

BIG Year presentations     Listen     Download


Patricia , Kerry and Flavia each give their first student presentation from the BIG Year      View Flavia's slides

Click here for more info on the BIG Year training programme


Patricia Elliott


Kerry Forster


Flavia Ghouri

18 Apr 10

Words of grace     Listen     download    



Christen talks on growing faith.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

11 Apr 10

The Dawn of a New Creation     Listen     Download


Andrew reviews the evidence and effects of Jesus death and resurrection and concludes that we are to welcome in the Dawn and work as long as we are in the daytime.


Apologies for the quality of this recording.

Andrew RackstrawAndrew Rackstraw

04 Apr 10

Grace     Listen     Download


A student at Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry and part of the team visiting River Church, John explains how God's unmerited favour frees us from sin, transforms our lives and gifts us to serve in a new Kingdom.

John Delaughter

21 Mar 10

Faith that breaks the box     Listen     Download


Vicky brings an encouraging word from Hebrews 11 and 12 about trusting God, taking a risk and giving God a chance to shake things up.

Vicky EarllVicky Earll

14 Mar 10

Loving God, loving people     Listen     Download


Faith, love & obedience are related, and it's not burdensome. Tom Curtis speaks from 1 John 5:1-5 and asks us to live as Jesus lived and do good to everyone.

Tom CurtisTom

07 Mar 10

Love is offensive     Listen     Download

Colin Barnes preaches the full gospel – God is love – but don’t be surprised when religious people get upset at this message, they did the same with Jesus.


Colin BarnesColin Barnes

28 Feb 10

Sacrifice     Listen     Download


Starting in Romans 12 Mary teaches about the root and meaning of sacrifice and asks what is our acceptable form of sacrifice, pleasing to God, and what might get in the way of that.

Mary PorterMary Porter

21 Feb 10

Demolishing Strongholds     Listen     Download


Freda Ou is involved in training Chinese leaders. Speaking from Luke 19:4 & 5, Freda brings a challenging message regarding the spiritual battle we are in and how we are going to impact the world around us.

Freda OuFreda Ou

14 Feb 10

Living the Jesus Life     Listen     Download


Judith speaks from John 15 and considers Jesus' relationship with His Father as a model for our lives.

Judith Forster

Judith Forster

07 Feb 10

Dying for Freedom        Listen     Download


(Sorry - River members only)
Kate  uses a wonderful visual aid to help remind us that as we embrace Jesus death on the cross we come into freedom and a new fruitfulness. Harvest now!


Kate 31 Jan 10

Communion with God     Listen     Download     View slides


Elaine considers the significance of the trees in Judges 9 and leads us into a creative experience of communion with God. Plus contributions from Chris Jones and prophetic artists Aileen Lewis, Richard Whiffen and Wisdom Da Costa.

Elaine JonesElaine Jones

24 Jan 10

Thailand visit report     Listen     Download     View slides    


A report on Tom and Annette's visit to River Church Slough's Missionaries Andy and Val Simcock in Chiang Rai.

Tom CurtisTom

03 Jan 10

Grace and Truth     Listen     Download


Andy explains that despite his rejection by man God doesn't bring retribution but mounts a rescue mission. Jesus came in grace and truth and to understand both these aspects of God we need to look at what Jesus taught and did.

Andy ReadAndy Read

13 Dec 09

Watch out there's a thief about     Listen     Download


Understanding our identity enables us to see victory in our lives. Florence explains how hunger and humility attracts Jesus and now is the time for us to encounter Him.

Florence Peters Florence Peters

06 Dec 09
What do you see?     Listen     Download
Colin talks about learning to look with the eyes of the Spirit rather than to regard people according to what we can see physically
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
29 Nov 09

Sow where you want to go     Listen     Download


Where do you want to go? Andy Read speaks about a God given principle that will help us to flow in a stream of blessing - sowing where we want to go.

Andy ReadAndy Read

08 Nov 09

Called to be Overcomers     Listen     Download


Christen tells us that the Holy Spirit who lives in us is a winner in every situation, but we have to break off any agreements with the lies that the enemy has sown in each of us.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

01 Nov 09

Our Revival Identity     Listen     Download


Speaking from the the story of Gideon, Vicky tells us that revival comes out of our identity as sons and daughters of God.

Vicky EarllVicky Earll

25 Oct 09

Victory in You     Listen     Download


Christen explains how the Holy Spirit in us enables us to be the people God created us to be, and to live in Victory.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

18 Oct 09

Shaped by the Spirit     Listen     Download


Let's not settle for less than the Holy Spirit wants for us. We are more defined by the future we have in Jesus than what we were in the flesh, so let's not be defensive against the conviction of the Spirit.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

04 Oct 09

The Living Room     Listen     Download
John and Mandy tell us about their work with an organisation called Grassroots who run 'The Living Room', a place for people with drug and drink problems in Tenerife. (Mandy works at Yeldall Manor)


7 min video about The Living Room

John & Mandy StevensMandy Stevens

27 Sep 09

A Heart that is Free to Give     Listen     Download


Christen Forster talks about our heart response to money and encourages us not to live in fear. Giving is an expression of faith and part of our testimony that overcomes the enemy.

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

20 Sep 09

Goldrush in Slough     Listen     Download


Embrace the difficulties and gather the gold at the well that God is building through us in Slough. Includes an encouraging prophetic word for Andy & Val Simcock, and Henry Skelley.

Al BullenAl Bullen

13 Sep 09

Remember, and Win     Listen     Download


Starting with a prophetic picture, Judith draws some lessons from David & Goliath and encourages us to remember our past victories in order to win the battles we are facing.

Judith ForsterJudith Forster

06 Sep 09

Only Believe     Listen     Download     View slides


Continuing our occasional series from Mark, Wisdom encourages us to create, build, and fan our faith into action and let's do the works of God. Mary Porter also adds a word on 'Love is offensive' regarding God's outrageous grace.

Wisdom Da Costa
Wisdom Da Costa
26 Jul 09

Thailand Report     Listen     Download


Andy & Val Simcock, Slough's missionaries to Thailand, describe the work that God has called them to in Chiang Rai. Andy also reviews how Jesus broke cultural and religious attitudes to give respect to every person and discusses how God is using them to bring the Kingdom of God into the Land of Smiles. 

Andy & Val SimcockKairos - Andy  Val

12 Jul 09

By Faith We Understand...     Listen     Download


Christen explains how God takes our seeds of faith and then takes over and accomplishes His purposes.


Christen ForsterChristen Forster

05 Jul 09

The Lord's Prayer     Listen     Download


Mary Porter sets the scene for the Lord's Prayer and discusses the amazing call and privileges we have as disciples of Jesus.

(Apologes for the poor quality in the first 4 minutes)

Mary PorterMary Porter

28 Jun 09

Jesus, the fixer     Listen     Download


Andy continues our series from the end of Mark 4 and launching Chapter 5 with the healing of the demoniac. Jesus values the whole person, and that and me.

Andy ReadAndy Read

14 June 09

God desires our passion     Listen     Download


Vicky, speaking from Psalm 63, tells us that God is a passionate lover who uses the language of love to encourage our passionate response.

Vicky EarllVicky Earll

07 Jun 09
Annette's testimony     Listen     Download
Annette describes her background and the events that led to her receiving Jesus as her Saviour, and follows on with some specific words of encouragement.
Annette Curtis
31 May 09

Bitter Words     Listen     Download


Words can be deadly arrows used against us, but we can stand on the word of God and choose instead to speak the truth over ourselves and see victory in our lives.

Ernie CatalanoErnie Catalano

10 May 09

Letting our light shine     Listen     Download


Tom reviews Mark 4 and discusses how we can let our light shine in the world around us.


To see the slides that accompany this talk, click here

Tom CurtisTom

19 Apr 09

Becoming experienced in our experiences     Listen     Download


It's OK to ask for more, but let our experiences change us and enable us to show His presence in unusual places...

Christen ForsterChristen Forster

05 Apr 09

Trusting in God's economy     Listen     Download


Understanding God and his promises enables us by faith to have everything we need and to be generous.

Vicky Earll
Vicky Earll
29 Mar 09

Mother's Day     Listen     Download


Motherhood is an expression of the heart of God and is wonderfully realised in Mary, the Mother of Jesus. What does this mean to us and how do we respond?

Andrew RackstrawAndrew Rackstraw

22 Mar 09

Conversations with God     Listen     Download


Meditation on Psalm 27. David's struggle was not dissimilar to the ones we face, but as we gaze on the beauty of the Lord so we too will find our security.

Judith ForsterJudith Forster

15 Mar 09

The Word of Power and Power of the Word     Listen     Download

Mary PorterMary Porter

08 Mar 09

Called, commissioned and empowered        Listen        Download


Tom continues his occasional series in Mark 3, encouraging us all to use the authority delegated by Jesus to bring forgiveness, healing and deliverance to everyone we meet.

Tom CurtisTom

01 Mar 09

Living in the Son-shine        Listen        Download


Fed up with the bad news? Colin Barnes reminds us of God's promise to bless us, and encourages us to let the difference of our lives impact everyone we meet. 

Colin BarnesColin Barnes

22 Feb 09

He's already done it        Listen        Download


Susan testifies how renewing her mind enabled her to overcome depression and to use what God has given her to serve as a misisonary in Hong Kong.


Susan ExelbySue Exelby

08 Feb 09

Living in the land     Listen       Download


It's good to travel hopefully, but even better to arrive! Andy teaches from Deuteronomy the three things we need to remember when we get there!



Andy ReadAndy Read

01 Feb 09

Be with Jesus, and avoid religion     Listen     Download


Nigel & Jean Stock prophecy that religion is crouching at Slough's door, and the key to avoiding it is given in Mark 3 - be with Jesus. And never say 'never' to the things that we see God doing.


Nigel & Jean Stock 25 Jan 09

Human, divine and planning a wedding     Listen     Download


Continuing his occasional series from Mark, Tom discusses the 'Son of Man' and how with His help we can prepare for the greatest wedding celebration ever seen!


Click here for wedding pictures to accompany talk.

Tom CurtisTom

18 Jan 09

How do you follow the Christmas story?     Listen     Download


....with more Holy Spirit and angelic ministry, hungry disciples and healing. Tom talks briefly from Mark 1, and challenges us all to seek more of the miraculous in 2009.

Tom CurtisTom

04 Jan 09

More Than Conquerors     Listen     Download


Neil gives 4 pointers to help us live as 'More than conquerors' and incorporates some testimonies from >The Sowers Ministry mission work in Asia.

Neil AndersonNeil Anderson 1

07 Dec 08
We want to see Jesus     Listen     Download
At the start of Advent, Andy challenges us not to miss the important by being distracted elsewhere . (With thanks to Perrianne Brownback of Texas for slides and concept of different crosses.)
Andy Read
Andy Read
30 Nov 08

Hospitality     Listen     Download


Continuing his occasional series on what it means to be a community, Tom looks at the Biblical encouragement to be a hospitable people.

Tom CurtisTom

23 Nov 08
Encouragement     Listen     Download
Judith takes a look at Barnabus and gives an exhortation to use the powerful gift of encouragement to build up both the church and the Kingdom of God
Judith Forster
Judith Forster
02 Nov 08
Once Upon an Ordinary Day     Listen     Download

How do we value the ordinary, mundane things of life and how can the stories we tell create a new 'ordinary'?
Ben Care
Ben Care
26 Oct 08

Growing in God's Generousity     Listen     Download


Jackie discusses the extraordinary abundance of our God who provides everything necessary for us to grow in His example.....but how?

Jackie Blanchflower
Jackie Blanchflower
19 Oct 08