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Next River Together: Sunday 11 January     

Vision & Emphasis for 2015 

Six times a year, instead of meeting in separate locations, the River churches come together in one place. 

This is River celebrating as a family which is always uplifting.  It's also a wonderful chance to get to know those in other churches, an opportunity to get a feel for what is happening beyond our immediate locale and for us to grow in our appreciation of the journey that River is on. So please come and help us all move on together!

The venue is Desborough College Maidenhead. The meeting starts at 10.30am

Powerful worship led by Paul Lane and
members of the River Worship Team

Special groups and activities for children

5-11s from 11.00am-12.30pm

Creche for 0-2s and 3-5s from 11.00am -12.30pm

Parents/carers will need to sign children in and then collect promptly at 12.30pm

'EDGE' will meet together during the talk


Meeting Leader Dave Jones
Leader RiverChurch Marlow


We will conclude the meeting with hot and cold drinks, pastries and doughnuts.


River Togethers in 2015 will be held at Desborough College Maidenhead.

The planned dates in 2015:  11 January, 22 March, 10 May, 12 July, 13 September, 15 November.