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Audio & Video Downloads

We are delighted to be able to offer a huge number of audio files for download: all the recordings of teaching from both congregational meetings and whole church gatherings since 2004 are available.


The stored media files can be browsed or searched by accessing the main media library. Alternatively you may wish to use these links:

Or check out the videos on:
Most Recently Published 'Public' Audio And Video
Encountering Jesus - Ephesians Chapter 4 (download)
Mike gives an overview of Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, chapters 1 to 6, focussing on Ephesians chapter 4 (more notes to follow).
Mike Holt, 23/07/2017
Galatians 3-4: Inheriting the promises (MW) (download)
Colin explains how we inherit God's promises through Sonship, Adoption and Grace
Colin Barnes, 23/07/2017
God's Heart and Call for River (download)
Colin speaks from Ephesians 1, reminding us that we have every blessing in Christ and about the six key actions we have been called to do as a result.
Colin Barnes, 16/07/2017
Encountering Jesus - Galatians - Truth and Grace (MH) (download)
Maddy discusses Galatians 1 and 2 where Paul rebukes the church there for drifting back to their old ways and not following the gospel of Christ alone, which is all we need to save us.
Maddy May, 09/07/2017
Eternity changes everything! (SL) (download)
Sabina shares about the importance of having our minds renewed to look at and live out our lives with eternity in mind.
Sabina Moody, 09/07/2017
Galatians 1-2 (MW) (download)
Dave kicks off a 3 week teaching series on Galatians, looking at aspects of the first two chapters
Dave Jones, 09/07/2017
Encountering Jesus - Matthew - The End of The Age (MH) (download)
Colin discusses Jesus' message about living as He taught us all the time to achieve salvation, as illustrated by the parables of the Ten Virgins, Bags of Gold, and Sheep and Goats.
Colin Barnes, 02/07/2017
pray and keep praying (SL) (download)
From James 5:16-17, the Lord's prayer and Lk 18:1-7, Ian encourages us from Elijah's life, and to set aside a 'place' specifically for prayer, start by focusing on God, and persevere.
Ian Moody, 02/07/2017
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