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Face To Face   Dary Northrop, Carl Wills et al
RiverFest:14    4-6 July 14
All the talks from this superb weekend away
Face to Face
Working with the Spirit   Colin Barnes
River Together 17 November 13
God is looking for people to work through to bring in the harvest. Colin talks about the relevance of this to the current restructuring of River Church.
Working with the Spirit
On Earth as it is in Heaven   Colin Barnes
River Together 15 September 13
Colin unpacks what this short phrase from the Lord's prayer means and challenges us to say 'send me'.
Colin Barnes
LZ7 Update   Lindz West
River Together 14 July 13
River Missionary Lindz reports on what LZ7 have been up to recently, with moving accounts of lives being turned round, 100's of schools visited, 1000's of young people saying yes to Jesus; and invites us to share in the next phase of their work.
LZ7 update
The Cost of the Calling   Vicky Earll
River Together 19 May 13
Vicky talks about the joy and pain of "taking up our cross" and following Jesus in relation to each of us fulfilling what he has called us to.
Cost of the calling
The Big Story parts 1-4   Colin Barnes

Maidenhead Sunday AM meetings from Apr-May 13

The Big Story was a four week series looking at the history of the world as recorded in the Bible. Does it make sense? Does it have any relevance for today and can it really tell us why we are here, what the universe was made for and where it's all heading?

The Big Story
Being a Kingdom Investor - Mission Sunday   Duane White

River Together 10/03/13

Long time friend of River Duane White ( talks passionately about what it means to be a Kingdom Investor.

Kingdom investors

You are the light of the world - Vision 2013   Colin Barnes

River Together 13/01/13

Colin shares his vision for River for the year ahead and reminds us that (as Jesus said) we are the light of the world. What will this mean for us individually and corporately?  (see slides)

Vision 2013  Colin Barnes

God at Work   Colin Barnes

River Together 11/11/12

Colin explains how God often works in our lives - in response to our faith and actions, not just in answer to prayers. He then challenges us to let God "show Himself strong" through us in various ways,  (see slides)

God at Work / Colin Barnes

One   Andy Read

River Together 16/09/12

Andy speaks with passion about one of the exciting things that God is doing in the UK church - making us One.


Let Love Live   Jeff Lucas et al

RiverFest:12    29/06/12 - 01/07/12

All the talks and more from this superb weekend away

Let Love Live

Tearfund in Action    Virginia Luckett

River Together 13/05/12

Virgina (who works for Tearfund) shares stories from round the world which demonstrate how that organisation works effectively with local churches to transform lives.

Virginia Luckett

Essence - the manifesto of Jesus   Roger Ellis

River Together 11/03/12

Roger outlines the essence of Jesus' message to the world and unpacks what it means to be a "Kingdom smoothie".

Roger Ellis

Live Like Heaven Is Near    Vicky Earll

River Together 15/01/12

Vicky gives an passionate talk about what it means to "live like heaven is near" (the third aim of the River community). Share your stories by emailing them to

Vicky Earll

The Heart of Mission    Andy Read

River Together 10/07/11

(With a little help from Bono) Andy Read speaks about what is at the heart of mission, and encourages us to get more involved in praying, giving and going.    (prequel)

Andy Read

Hidden Manna and a  New Name    Christen Forster

River Together 08/05/11

Christen explores the dynamic of private prayer that releases the transitions of life.


Unity and Intimacy    Colin Barnes

River Together 13/03/11

Colin speaks about the importance of unity with each other and intimacy with God

Colin Barnes

Go out in boldness to bring in the harvest    Billy & Caroline Kennedy

River Together 16/01/11

The Kennedy's encourage River to get out there - we're prepared and equipped already!

Billy and Caroline

The Start of a New Move of God?   Christen Forster

River Together 05/12/10

Christen Forster is looking forward to 2011 - watch to learn why.

Christen Forster

The Wedding Invitation   Colin Barnes

River Together 26/09/10

Colin takes as his text Matthew 22:1-14, speaking about weddings, and in particular the ultimate wedding of Jesus and His church.

the Wedding invitation

Central Team Leadership Transition   Billy & Caroline Kennedy et al

River Together 27/06/10

On this day responsibility for the church's central leadership team was passed from Christen Forster to Colin Barnes. Billy & Caroline Kennedy and others offer prayers and words of commissioning for the guys as they move into their new roles.

Leadershp Transition

The Church I Live For   Andy Read

River Together 28/03/2010

Andy explores what Jesus said about the church, looking at Matthew 16 and 18.

The Church I Live For

Searching the Source of the River   Diana Chapman

International Christian Women’s History Project February 2010

A series of 10 lectures streamed from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Searching the Source of the River
Personal Transformation   Christen Forster
River Church Big Gathering 16/11/09
Christen shares from his personal journey of seeking genuine inner change from a healing at the deepest level of bad motives and inclinations.
Personal Transformation

Giving and Discipleship   Christen Forster

Maidenhead SundayAM meeting 13/09/09

Christen speaks about how our attitude towards money and giving is a key discipleship issue

Giving and Discipleship

God doesn't need your money   Christen Forster

Marlow SundayAM meeting 06/09/09

Christen explains how we can overcome the natural human response to money and possessions, and recounts some of his own journey in this area.

Money and emotions

Addicted to Mission   Duane White

Filmed at the June 2009 Big Gathering in Maidenhead. Duane admits that he has an addiction.

Addicted to Mission
UAOH Worship Videos
A worship song written by a River member which was filmed by GodTV at the 'Under An Open Heaven' conference with Bill Johnson and Che Ahn in November 2008.
UAOH worship video